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Zimal Name Meaning in Urdu and English (Girl Name زمل)

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Abdul Ali Name Meaning In Urdu (Boy Name عبدل علی)

Zimal Name Meaning in Urdu and English (Girl Name زمل)

Zimal is a name that is an Arabic-originated Muslim name. The best meaning of Zimal name is Large (big) item of clothing in English.

Its Urdu meaning is پردہ، حجاب. Zimal name comprises 5 letters (alphabets). The associated lucky number for Zimal is 5.



انگریزی نام



لڑکیوں کیلئے مخصوص اسلامی نام


پردہ، حجاب


اسلام، مسلم



موافق دن

منگل, جمعرات

لکی نمبر


موافق پتھر

پکھراج، ہیرا

موافق رنگ

سرخ, ہلکا سبز، زنگ نما

موافق دھاتیں

چاندی، تانبا

زمل ایک (مسلم) اسلامی نام ہے۔ یہ نام تانیث کا پہلو لیے ہوئے ہے، اس لیے لڑکیوں کے ناموں کے لیے مخصوص سمجھا جاتا ہے۔ اس نام کا تعلق (مشتق) اردو زبان سے ہے۔ اس نام کا خوش قسمت نمبر 5 ہے۔

زمل کے معنی، یا مطلب “پردہ، حجاب“ کے ہیں۔ آپ اس صفحہ پر زمل نام کے بارے میں تمام ضروری اور اہم تفصیلات حاصل کرسکتے ہیں۔ ان معلومات میں نام کا تعلق، خوش قسمتی کا عدد (لکی نمبر) اور مذہب شامل ہیں۔

اس نام کے بارے میں دستیاب معلومات کو سامنے رکھتے ہوئے صارفین نے اس پیج ٹاپ اسٹار دیے ہیں۔

Zimal Name Meaning in Urdu and English (Girl Name زمل)

Zimal Meaning in Urdu: Due to its modern, and amazing touch, Zimal is an attractive and unique name that everyone mesmerizes.

Zimmal name meaning in Urdu is پردہ، حجاب. Muslim parents usually select the best possible Islamic name for their kids.

Zimal is a popular Muslim name which is why this name is adored by Islamic parents for their little princess.

Zimal Urdu meaning affects the nature of an individual in a positive way as the Urdu meaning of Zimal has positive and good personality traits in it.

There are a lot of Muslim girls named Zimal because it is a common name in today’s Islamic world. Zimal is derived from enough rich Arabic language.

You can also find Zimal name meaning in Quran.

Zimal meaning in Roman Urdu can be written as “Pardah, or Hijaab”. Its lucky number is 5. It is also one of the most attractive and favorable names in Pakistan.

Muslim parents can also find the Zimal Fatima name meaning in Urdu here.


Q. What is the Name length of Zimal?
It consists of 5 alphabet.

Q. What is the Meaning of Zimal?
Zimal name meaning in Urdu is پردہ، حجاب “Large item of clothing for covering head or face” is the English meanings.

Q. What is the best Lucky Number of Zimal?
The lucky number that is associated with the name Zimal is “5”.

Q. What is the Religion of Zimal Name?
The religion of the name Zimal is Muslim.

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