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YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan outlined the new features of the app

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YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan outlined the new features of the app.

San Francisco: YouTube will soon be in the hands of Neal Mohan, who is set to become its new CEO.

Even before his arrival, he has given an overview of his new vision and changes for the app.

Neal Mohan has focused on increased monetization, new expression tools, YouTube TV, AI, podcasts, and the convenience of young YouTubers.

He has said that he wants to increase the income of YouTubers so that they stay connected to the app.

“Millions of channels are currently monetizing YouTube and we have planned revenue streams for them beyond advertising,” he said.

These include subscriptions, shopping, investment, and other facilities.

Neal Mohan said that 6 million viewers have subscribed for money and the number is increasing.

Referring to the YouTube YPP program, he said that every year creators are being paid $10 billion in advertising revenue.

Now this series has reached YouTube shorts. Its aim is to attract TikTokers to YouTube.

Neal Mohan said that monetization for shorts and live streams will be improved so that people are attracted to shorts.

Currently, YouTube short videos are viewed 50 billion times a day.

Apart from Neal Mohan, he has also commented on other programs and sports events on YouTube TV, including the NFL.

He also hinted at adding a new creation tool for shorts that would have a video on one side and a layout on the other, which would greatly benefit video makers.

On the use of artificial intelligence in YouTube, Neil Mohan has said that it will be possible to change clothes and hijabs virtually in the video.

In addition, it will be possible to add an imaginary background to the background. These facilities will be introduced next month.

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