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Your eyes tell your true biological age: Study discovers

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LONDON: A recent study finds that eyes hold the key to your true biological age and many other medical conditions.

A long study has shown that if the biological age of the eyes is more than the rest of the age, they also report premature death by showing many diseases and physical conditions.

The eyes are the windows of the body and at the same time can tell the physical condition.

It is now known that detailed eye examination can not only determine the correct biological age but also predict premature death.

Diseases and physical changes occur with age. That is why these conditions can be different even in two people of the same age.

In this way, if the correct physical life is known instead of months and years, it may be more than the actual age.

This is because diseases and physical changes can occur beyond the actual age.

That is, if a person has a heart attack at the age of 40 and the heart is damaged, then the age of the heart may be longer than the actual age because the disease has made the heart older.

How to Determine Your True Biological Age?

The body’s biological age can also be determined by certain chemicals, biomarkers, genetic conditions, brain capacity, immune system, and blood pressure.

At the same time, it is possible to find out how deadly these conditions can be.

In a report published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, scientists have taken 80,000 images of the deepest posterior part of the ‘find’ in the eyes of 47,000 people between the ages of 40 and 69.

All of these images were passed through a machine “learning algorithm” which led to further revelations.

This software provides an accurate estimate of the biological age of the retina compared to the actual age.

The retinal age difference between 51% was 3 years, 28% was 5 years and 4% was 10 years.

Thus the biological age of the eyes of all these people was more than their age.

Of these, 49 to 67 percent of older people were on the verge of premature death, regardless of heart disease or cancer.

In other words, aging of the eye can increase the risk of death by two to three percent and it can be predicted in a way.

However, experts are now trying to find out the other reasons.

However, experts agree that the eyes are the body’s rosary and can be used to diagnose many medical conditions.

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