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Wife and husband Quotations: 20 Satire & Taunts

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Wife and husband Quotations: 20 Interesting Satire & Taunts

It is said that wives belong to any region, their satires and taunts continue with their husbands.

Some satires and jokes are badly traditional and stereotypes.

Here are some of the most humorous and interesting phrases we have collected for entertainment purposes only.

Wife and Husband Quotations, Satire & Taunts:

Wife and husband Quotations

Here are some well-known satires and taunts of wives which they usually use as “weapons” when they are annoyed.

0) You love more your books than love me.

1) All your brothers are so clever. Why are you so stupid?

2) You have ruined all the pillows by twisting them.

3) Your family has never recognized me as a daughter-in-law.

4) You never believe me.

5) My temper is so bad but you don’t care.

6) Children do not listen to me and you do not ask them anything.

7) I think I am only a jerk in your house.

8) By the way, what did you think while marrying me?

9) You were not like that before marriage.

10) How many days have you not asked me how I am?

11) Only to please, you can say, “Ask whatever you want today.”

12) I explain only for your benefit.

13) Have I ever spoken before?

14) Look at me when I am talking

15) You get very angry.

16) You never tried to understand me.

17) Do what you want, I can give advice to you only.

18) Doing is your choice so don’t ask me.

19) Your brothers consult wives in everything and you are one?

20) What were my dreams before marrying you!

After changing all the habits of the husband, a historical phrase is also used: “You are no longer the same as before.”

Hi! These were the phrases we collected for only entertainment purposes.

If you also have a unique phrase or experience in this regard, be sure to enter it in the comments box below.

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