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Who is Bushra Bibi: Pinky Peerni

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Who is Bushra Bibi: Pinky Peerni

Marriage to Bushra Bibi

Stayed with Imran Khan like a shadow from 2010 to 2018, he was the last person to meet him at night and the first person to meet him in the morning.

However, these are the most important witnesses of the most important period of Imran Khan’s life.

A few days ago, Aoun Chaudhry invited me for breakfast at his house.

I sat with him for two hours and he told me what I asked him without hesitation.

I first asked him about Reham Khan, he said, “Imran Khan came into contact with Reham Khan during the sit-in,” she used to come to the container for interviews, and this contact gradually developed into a relationship. changed which ended in the form of marriage.” I asked, “Was this marriage on 10 Muharram?” He said “This news is wrong.

The marriage between Reham and Imran Khan took place on the 5th of Muharram and we kept it a secret. Reham Khan did not put any conditions on the marriage. The dowry was also Shariah. I asked, “What happened after the marriage?” He said, “On 16th December 2014, the APS Peshawar incident happened. Our sit-in ended and on 8th January 2015, we declared our marriage to Reham Khan.”

The media killed us by running the APS incident and Khan’s marriage together, but Khan Sahib is not afraid of these things.

Imran Khan is a free man he does not tolerate these restrictions while Reham Khan wanted to control him so the clash started ‘We were staying at Nader Laghari’s house in Ghotki in October 2015′ Imran Khan said while walking on the lawn that night. Ghazari’ I think that night they had decided to divorce.

They went to Islamabad the next day and I came to Lahore in connection with local body elections. I got a call from Imran Khan. When is Reham going to London? It was my responsibility to arrange the tickets. I shared the ticket with Khan. As soon as Reham Khan took off on October 27, Khan e-mailed him a divorce and he got the divorce as soon as he landed in London. When this news spread, we lost badly in the municipal elections on 31 October.

The women of Punjab did not vote for us. I reached Bani Gala on November 1 anyway. Imran Khan was very upset over the divorce. I have never seen him more upset in my life. It was increased and they were regretting their decision, they kept saying, what did I do? He has three children, what will happen to them now? I did badly and we kept consoling them but their anxiety kept increasing.

I got scared and mostly stayed with them. I investigated the servants of the house and found out that Khan Sahib had talked to a woman on the phone before the divorce and the divorce took place after consulting him. Upon further investigation, it was found that the woman’s name is Bushra Bibi, she is the sister of our social media worker Maryam Vito and is a spiritual person.

Maryam Vito used to live in Dubai and she used to call Khan Sahib very often. She told Khan Sahib that my sister is very close to Allah and she says she is under a spell on you. Break it immediately. Imran Khan took his sister’s number from her and that’s how he got in touch with Bushra Bibi after the divorce took place.

I asked, “When did you meet Bushra Bibi?” They said, “In November 2015, after Reham Khan’s divorce, Khan Sahib met Bushra Bibi at Khawar Manika’s house near Kalma Chowk in Gulberg, Lahore.” went for

As soon as Bibi saw us, he announced that both of you are under a spell. Bibi later placed both his hands on Khan Sahib’s head and face and blew. Khan Sahib was in depression due to divorce. He got a lot of relief. B said that we will have to come two more times to calm down. We went to Lahore two more times and after that Murshid Bani Gala was shifted. I asked, “How?” He said, “A few days.” Later, Bushra Bibi rented a 3-Kanal house on street number two of Bani Gala, and a Mercedes car was also parked in it.

All this arrangement was done by Ahsan Jameel Gujjar. Now we started going to Bushra Bibi every day. Every evening Imran Khan spent at the shrine of Murshid. “What did you say?” He said, “Yes.” Bibi had claimed that Nawaz Sharif will be removed from power and will also go to jail.

In April 2016, the Panama case really came. The Sharif family was trapped and Imran Khan’s Bushra Bibi became more dependent. I asked, “How did the matter come to marriage?” Wanted’ There were three or four very good relations ‘Among them Huma was too’ It was very suitable for Khan Sahib.

I tried to convince Khan Sahib but he didn’t agree. We went to Bushra Bibi the next day and Khan said to him, Aoun wants to marry me. Bibi laughed and said, “Don’t worry about them.” “I will marry them myself,” I became silent. After a few days, Bushra Bibi advised Imran Khan, “You should marry my younger daughter.”

Bushra Bibi’s daughter was divorced but Khan did not agree. He said that she is only 25 years old. She is too young. This matter ended like this, but suddenly on December 31, 2016, Khan told me, “I I am getting married to Bushra Bibi. You arrange the marriage. We are going to Lahore tomorrow. I got worried.

I told them, that they are married, and Khan said, no, they are divorced, anyway, long story short, on January 1, 2017, we had dinner at a restaurant, I called Zulfi Bukhari, my official phone, carefully, Islam. Dropped in Abad so that our location could not be traced and we left for Lahore via Motorway.

I was driving the car’ Khan was sitting on the next seat and Zulfi Bukhari was sitting behind. I had sent them, we found them in Lahore, the guard’s car was also five kilometers behind us and there were only two people in it.

This was the house of Farah Gogi and Ahsan Jameel Gujjar. When the marriage process started, Bibi asked for Bani Gala’s house as a dowry. Imran Khan agreed but I refused. She used to bring a pass, but I didn’t believe it. Khan Sahib was repeatedly saying, “Yar, write it down, what does it matter, but I didn’t believe it.” Apart from the house, Imran Khan also has a plot of 7 Kanals in Bani Gala.

In the end, it was decided that Imran Khan should write the plot and the house of Zaman Park on the right of Mahr and we wrote it and thus the marriage was done.

I asked, “When was Bibi’s divorce?” His answer was, “On November 14, 2016.” That’s why he kept this marriage a secret in the beginning.” I asked, “Did Mufti Saeed confirm the divorce papers?” He said, “No. We never got the divorce papers.

Bibi said that I had a sharia divorce, but we didn’t have any divorce documents. I ordered Tareen Sahib’s plane. We came to Islamabad. On that day, we had an appearance at the Anti-Terrorism Court. We went straight to the court. ) who gave it to him?” He said, “This news was surprising for us too.” I think this news was leaked by Ahsan Jameel Gujjar.

These people wanted this news to be public before Imran Khan changed his mind so that the work would be done.” I asked, “Why did you guys refuse marriage after the news came out?” Bibi was in Iddah at that time. If we had accepted it, we would have been victims of death.”

I asked, “Why were you in such a hurry to get married again? He said with shame, “Bibi said that this order came from above and how could we avoid the order of the above?”

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