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Where pets wearing face masks due to Corona We Use Mask !!!

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ISLAMABAD Pets wearing face masks: Coronavirus protection against wearing a face mask is not limited to humans but also applies to pets.

Fearing that their pets could be infected with the coronavirus, some panic-stricken owners in China have begun putting face masks on their pets.


WHO on Corona and Pets

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said there is no evidence that pets have been infected with the coronavirus. But the WHO’s statement did not stop citizens from wearing face masks on their dogs and cats.

That’s why pictures of pets with face masks have gone viral on social media.

According to another report, China’s National Health Commission disagreed with the WHO’s position on pets and coronavirus.

The spokesperson and an epidemiologist, Dr. Lee Linjuan say, “If pets go out and come in contact with an infected person, they may be at risk of infection.”

However, most experts say that it is not right to attribute human characteristics to animals. Pets wearing face masks

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