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We have to increase the price of petrol, Prime Minister Imran Khan

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that in the context of crude oil prices in the global market, the price of petrol in the country will have to be increased.

Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister said that today we are inaugurating the largest welfare program in the history of Pakistan, we have to take this country towards a welfare state.

Imran Khan said that the team of the Ehsas program collected data in 3 years, it is not easy to give subsidies without data.

He added:

  • When we got the government, the economic situation was very bad۔
  • We had to repay the loan taken from abroad but we did not have the money.
  • We are grateful to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and China for helping us or we would have gone bankrupt, yet we had to turn to the IMF.
  • It took us a year to stabilize the country’s economy and then Corona came, it affected not only Pakistan but the whole world.
  • We saved our agriculture during the Corona epidemic, which resulted in a 13.4% increase in rice production.
  • Similarly, the production of wheat and maize has also increased, while the production of cotton has also increased by 81%.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Stance on Inflation:

On the issue of inflation, the Prime Minister said:

  • We have the problem of inflation, but how much has inflation increased in Pakistan compared to the world?
  • Global commodity prices have risen by 50% and Pakistan by 9%.
  • When oil is expensive, everything becomes expensive.
  • Oil prices have risen 100 percent in the last three to four months.
  • In India, it is Rs 250 and in Bangladesh, it is Rs 200 while in Pakistan it is Rs 138 per liter.
  • Our deficit is increasing, we have to increase the price of petrol.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that a 30 percent discount on ghee, flour, and pulses prices would be provided to 20 million families, which would benefit 130 million people of the country.

PM IK said that an interest-free loans program is being introduced for 4 million families, farmers will get loans up to Rs. 500,000 without interest.

Imran Khan said that he has requested the two families to bring back the money stolen from the country and I will halve the prices of food items.

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