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Wabaal Episode 03 – 17th September 2022 – HUM TV Drama

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Drama Wabaal Episode 03 – 17th September 2022 – HUM TV Drama.

Initially, this drama was released on September 3, 2022. It is the production by MD Productions.

Every Saturday a new episode is aired on HUM TV at 8 PM (PKT).

Qaisera Hayat has written this drama. Momina Duraid is the producer and Amin Iqbal is the director of this show.

Asif Yaseen is DOP (Director of Photography).

Habs – Cast & Characters

Sarah Khan appears as Anum, Meerub Ali as Maham (Anum’s sister), Saleem Sheikh as Shakir (Anum’s father), Tara Mahmood as Rahat (Anum’s mother), Shagufta Ejaz as Anum’s aunt, Muhammad Hunbal as Naveed (Shagufta’s son/Anum & Maham’s cousin), and Talha Chahour as Faraz.

Other artists include Abdul Rauf Bhutta, Raza Abid, Sohail Masood, Shareef Baloch, Sarfraz Ashraf, Salma Qadir, Saima Kanwal, Sachal Afzal, Sabiha Hashmi, Rehana Kaleem, Rehan Saeed, Nida Khan, Abdul Wahab, Naveed Jeffery, and Majeed Ahmed.

Kinza Malik, Javed Iqbal, Hira Sheikh, Hasan Mujtaba, Azam Khan, Ayesha Rajpoot, Attiya Malik, Asma Saif, Aslam Piya, Adnan Amir, and Tooba Khan are also participating in this drama.

Recap of Habs Previous Episode:

Shagufta appears at Shakir’s home bearing pastries for her kid’s recommendation. Shakir quickly excuses it, hammering her for defaming his family’s name. This impacts her cruelly and she falls cleared out due to hypertension. Faraz is a talented and capable youngster who shifts from town to city to start his masterwork.

He rents a piece in a comparative neighborhood where Anum resides. His ways cross with Anum yet she ruthlessly excuses him as expected, considering him an ordinary common individual. To buy an exorbitant present for her sidekick’s birthday, Anum makes a display in the house to recuperate cash from her father.

Shakir feels exposed and views himself as responsible for keeping his daughters denied. Obliged, he secures cash from his buddy so he can fulfill Anum’s cravings. Anum’s friend Batool from her neighborhood cherishes a youngster and keeps on gathering him secretly. Anum feels exasperated by constantly covering themself from her.

Links to Watch Urdu Drama Wabaal Episode 03

The drama Wabaal is telecasted at 8:00 PM on HUM TV every Saturday at 8 PM (PKT), and its link is posted here at about 9:00 PM

Wabaal Episode 04 Promo

Here is a link to enjoy the trailer (Teaser) for the 04th episode of this beautiful drama

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