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Urdu Drama Chauraha Episode 01-07 with [Eng Sub]

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Urdu Drama Chauraha Episode 01-07 with [Eng Sub].

Chauraha Drama Cast Mikaal Zulfiqar, Madiha Imam, Bushra Ansari, Behroze Sabzwari, Asad Siddiqui, Saba Hameed, Shabbir Jan, Ayesha Gul primary lead job this show.

Watch Pakistani Dramas Chauraha Episode 1 Daily Motion 31st May 2022 Har Pal Geo TV Drama. Chauraha show cast comprise of Madiha Imam, Mikaal Zulfiqar. The capable cast of this Har Pal Geo TV show will make this sequential more invigorated and engaging.

New Latest Pakistani Drama sequential Chauraha by Har Pal Geo TV is notable because of its quality in all Pakistani Drama and Entertainment creations. Chauraha Episode 1 Daily Motion Drama observe the present full most recent on Geo TV Dramas Live on 31st May 2022, at 8:00 PM.

The Story of the show sequential Choraha centers around the risks of digital harassment and how our small kids and youthful grown-ups are powerless against vultures who go after their honesty. new uber show sequential embodying an excursion through the profound edifices of youthful strivers.

Links to Watch Urdu Drama Chauraha

Here are Links to Watch Urdu Drama Chauraha.

Chauraha Episode 01

Zoya is a vivacious and credulous young lady having a place with a working-class family whose father kicked the bucket when she was a youngster. Since her mom, Shireen has been working eagerly in a manufacturing plant to take care of her girl and her unmarried sister by marriage, Naseem. Regardless of her low pay, Shireen believes that Zoya should procure the best training and has conceded her to a costly school. Yet, Zoya feels humiliated before her rich colleagues for not having the extravagances of life like huge vehicles and super-advanced cell phones. Her neighbor, Arsal has eyes for Zoya and continues to stare at her through his window. Seeing Zoya’s urgency to have a cell phone, Shireen is compelled to take credit from her chief, Mr. Saleem. Saleem has a senior child, Junaid, and a more youthful little girl, Naila yet doesn’t have a spouse which is the reason he is drawn to his partner, Shireen.

Here is a link to enjoy 2nd episode of this beautiful drama.

Chauraha Episode 02

Saleem credits cash from Junaid who is engaged with some sort of obscure business and afterward takes Shireen to a versatile shop to get her another phone. Shireen gets back and gifts Zoya the cell, leaving her astounded. Zoya goes off the deep end with her new telephone and can’t quit clicking her photographs, making an exhibition out of herself before her colleagues. Saleem proposes to Shireen for marriage yet she obtusely denies it, saying that she has an adult girl whom she needs to offer. Junaid is a severe sibling and overflows with outrage seeing his younger sibling, Naila conversing with a kid outside her school thus he hauls her home. Zoya is impacted by her companion who has a beau and tries to have one as well. Before long, she gets to know an outsider web-based believing that a young lady as a general rule is, in all honesty, the obscure person, Junaid.

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Urdu Drama Chauraha Episode 03

Zoya is baffled from day to day following calls and identifies that Arsal is behind it. In this way, she jumps into Arsal’s home and upbraids him for his unfeeling methodology. The reality with regards to Junaid’s business disentangles and incidentally, he wastes time with young ladies and afterward exchanges them with individuals which makes him a lot of money. Arsal shows up at Zoya’s school to apologize for his way of behaving and afterward, takes her to a shopping center to communicate his sentiments to her. Zoya is complemented and requires a brief instant to acknowledge Arsal and his affection. Seeing Zoya’s registration status on the web, Junaid shows up at the shopping center to meet her and is perplexed to see her with somebody. Zoya takes Arsal to a costly shop and takes a stab at different outfits to make sure she can click a few cool pictures to post on the web.

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Chauraha Episode 04

All the while assuming a pretense of a young lady, Junaid asks Zoya about her sweetheart whom he saw her with before. Zoya is staggered to realize that her companion saw her in the shopping center and admonishes her for not coming dependent upon her to meet. Saleem has a dubious outlook on Junaid’s real essence of pay and asks him about it. However, Junaid won’t offer him any responses and continues to fault him for his mom’s demise who kicked the bucket experiencing because of a lack of cash. Afterward, seeing Naila occupied with messaging, Junaid furtively looks at her telephone to ensure it’s anything but a kid. Notwithstanding, it just so happens, Naila is likewise engaged with a heartfelt connection that she has kept stowed away from her loved ones. Shireen castigates Saleem for destroying her sense of pride after a couple of workers had a go at playing with her by proposing to loan her cash. After school, Zoya makes an arrangement to meet her web-based companion at an eatery however is stunned to see that it is a kid. She slaps Junaid which enrages him and he winds up snatching Zoya around mid-afternoon.

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Urdu Drama Chauraha Episode 05

Naseem is concerned for Zoya as she has not gotten back from school. Seeing her anxiety, Arsal offers to help however she declines. Then again, Junaid ties up Zoya while she is oblivious. His business partners imagine that Zoya is an exercise in futility as they will not have the option to make a decent payment in return. Be that as it may, Junaid guarantees them against it and offers to give them his portion on the off chance that Zoya’s family ends up being poor. Meanwhile, Naseem embarks to search for Zoya and gets back disheartened. Zoya acquires cognizance and asks Junaid to let her go yet without any result. Shireen freaks out subsequent to figuring out that her girl has disappeared and won’t look for help from the police.

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Chauraha Episode 06

Zoya makes it clear to Junaid that he can’t acquire any advantage from her as she has a place with a lower-class family yet Junaid disregards it. He requests ten lac rupees from her mom in emancipation. Zoya endeavors to get away in the evening, however, falls oblivious subsequent to experiencing terrible canines. Junaid calls a specialist to beware of her and pays him a weighty sum to keep her mouth shut. Having no other decision, Shireen and Naseem head to the police headquarters to record a report. They leave the station in a rush after a cop attempts to straightforwardly badger Shireen. Afterward, Shireen gets a call from the station illuminating her about a dead body tracked down by the police. She hurries to the mortuary and is feeling better to see that the carcass doesn’t have a place with Zoya.

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Chauraha Episode 07

Naseem attempts to persuade Junaid about their unfortunate condition by showing him their home on a video call. He concedes his loss before his companions and chooses to deliver Zoya at night. He returns home leaving Zoya with them who attempt to assault her in Junaid’s nonappearance. Serendipitously, Junaid shows up back in time and saves Zoya, whipping his companions almost to death. Naseem proposes Shireen ask her partner, Saleem for help who vows to help them to get Zoya back. Arsal’s mom, Naseema can’t resist the urge to stick her nose into Shireen’s home to procure tattle from her. At the point when Shireen attempts to cover reality, Naseema criticizes her for feeling that individuals are idiotic and don’t comprehend that Zoya has run off with her darling. Junaid drops Zoya back at her home and Shireen and Naseem are in tears to see they’re cherished get back securely.

Here is a link to enjoy 2nd episode of this beautiful drama.

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