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Umbrella Waterfall: Mesmerizing, Beauteous, and Picturesque Waterfall in Pakistan

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Umbrella Waterfall: Mesmerizing, Beauteous, and Picturesque Waterfall in Pakistan which is abundant in beautiful places.

Thus, Abbottabad is famous for its natural beauty spots and tourist hub, but many magnificent places in the form of dense forests, mysterious lakes, and waterfalls are still hidden in this valley.

Notable among them is the Umbrella Waterfall, which is located at a distance of 30 km from Haveliyan city.

Tourists are stunned by its beauty. The sight of water falling like an umbrella from all sides casts a spell on the viewers.

Umbrella Waterfall Location:

Umbrella waterfall Pakistan

Umbrella Waterfall is Hidden and Un-explored mesmerizing artwork of nature is located in the village Poona, Tehsil Havelian, Distt Abbottabad

This masterpiece of nature is located in Poona village near Havelian, Abbottabad. You can use both your own and public transport to reach here. One and a half hundred rupees per ride are calculated.

Poona is a beautiful village surrounded by mountains in the Hindukush Rage in northwest Pakistan.

Mesmerizing Beauty of Umbrella Waterfall:

The Umbrella cascade is one of the lovely cascades of Abottabad KPK Pakistan. This cascade is situated close to the Sajikot cascade close by Poona Village. The Umbrella cascade is especially popular in view of its one-of-a-kind and alluring regular engineering.

Furthermore, perfectly clear water is going through the huge rocks. The water showers make an astounding perspective that is heart-renewing. The climate is wonderful one can feel how lovely is nature.

As a result of the recent rains, the beauty of this area came to the fore when double water waterfalls flowed over the mountain rocks.

These visually refreshing streams are the center of attraction for people from near and far and their natural beauty is nothing short of magical. In summer, this area turns into a natural masterpiece with the richness of its waterfalls adornment while its greenery overshadows its greenery.

Occurring in Poona, this waterfall is not huge in terms of size but what makes it unique is the magical sight that can be had just by reaching here and soaking in its waters.

How to Reach Umbrella Waterfall Haripur?

If you are very busy and don’t have much time, you can visit both of these beautiful waterfalls on the weekend, just make sure to take some food and drink along with you.

You can see Sajikot Waterfall from the road too, but you have to trek for forty to fifty minutes to reach Umbrella Waterfall.

At this natural beauteous attraction, you can also see many natural rainbows that are formed by water droplets and sunlight.

Waterfalls are a manifestation of the beauty and power of nature that mesmerizes or stun the visitors. Some waterfalls flow at a very gentle pace, while others have a speed and height that is mind-blowing. Today we are telling you about some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

It is also considered one of the great masterpieces of nature and it has now become one of the favorite places of Pakistan’s local and foreign tourists.

It is also known for its crystal clear water. Interestingly, despite its beauty, few people come to visit it, due to the lack of facilities.

The waterfall, if seen in summer, is a unique phenomenon of nature when the sunlight turns the water red and orange and it looks like the fire is falling instead of water.

Early in the morning, the sunlight hits the water and presents the most beautiful rainbow to the viewers. Here the weather is also always very pleasant to enjoy this masterpiece of nature.

This waterfall flowing on the mountains presents the scene of a fairyland. This circular waterfall cascades over a verdant landscape with numerous small springs flowing alongside it.

Umbrella Waterfall Distance

Umbrella Waterfall, Haripur, Pakistan

The all-out separation from Islamabad to Poona town is roughly 100km through Pir Sohawa. It will require 2.5 hours for the vehicle to arrive at the Sajikot through the Margalla Hills Pir Sohawa/Sangada/Nalla Hazara.

The street is recently constructed and is looking great. In addition, you will track down extremely less traffic on this course. The best thing is that the perspectives on the excursion are awe-inspiring and alleviating. Additionally, in the event that you have been to the Nooran Di Dand cascade, it will be simple for you to arrive there.

There is an elective way through the Hazara motorway. You need to take to go until Havelian by means of the motorway and afterward turn towards the Sajikot Bazar street. The separation from Havelian to the Umbrella cascade is 27 kilometers roughly.

On the way, there is another lovely cascade the Sajikot cascade. It is shut these days as a result of no security safety measures taken by guests and the administration. The Sajikot Waterfall is extremely profound and one shouldn’t swim without a daily existence coat.

  • If you want to go to Umbrella waterfall from Islamabad, there are mainly two routes.
  • The distance between Umbrella Waterfall and Islamabad is about 75 Km via Pir Sohawa, Kalabagh, and Nathiagali.
  • Whereas you will have to travel 154 Km if you take the route via Motorways through Hassan Abdal, Haripur, and Havelian.
  • Abbottabad to Umbrella Waterfall distance via N-35 and Sajikot Road is about 46 Km.
  • and if you are traveling from Lahore to Umbrella Waterfall, it will take you 6 hours and 40 minutes to travel about 488 Km.

Please keep in mind that you will have to park your vehicle at the “Umbrella Waterfall Paid Parking Lot” and travel the rest of the distance on foot to view the most marvelous waterfall.


Umbrella Waterfall

The Umbrella cascade journey begins close to the stopping. One needs to travel down the slope for 20-25 minutes to arrive at the Poona cascade Abottabad. The distance is very little yet the climbing is steep. The climb is a piece hard for non-explorers yet it merits visiting.

Assuming you are wearing legitimate climbing shoes or shoes that you are OK with. Then, at that point, this will turn out to be simple for you. While sliding the last part close to the cascade, there are large shakes that are dangerous. Ensure your footwear ought to have a decent hold.

The neighborhood individuals have tied ropes for diving. You can utilize them when required. They charge you 20-50 Pkr. You can likewise plunge without utilizing the rope it relies upon your actual ability.

In any case, being erring on the side of caution, right is in every case great. Further, it will require 40 minutes roughly to climb back towards the street. The tough climb is troublesome however you can go without rushing. It gets extremely elusive in the stormy season. In this way, consistently take great consideration of your climbing or traveling gear.

Water Ponds:

The Poona cascade has new water coming from permeable rocks. There are regular water lakes to appreciate. It is an advantage for swimmers. Further, you need to be careful, don’t jump where the water is profound.

You can undoubtedly find many spots where the water isn’t excessively profound. It is an incredible inclination to remain under the cascade. The water is cold yet in the late spring you can appreciate it a ton.

Which is the best Weather to visit?

The weather conditions are exceptionally wonderful. The typical temperature is between 22 degrees to – 1 degree Celsius. Above all, don’t visit the Umbrella cascade during the stormy season. As it gets a great deal of water and floods. This can be risky for your loved ones. Further, in the stormy season, the trip gets sloppy and elusive as well.

The best opportunity to visit Umbrella cascade Poona is on work days. As it is getting popular step by step. Thus, at the end of the week, more individuals will generally visit this cascade. This makes it stuffed. To appreciate quality time visit in the early mornings on the non-weekend days.

Might I at any point go with my loved ones?: The Umbrella cascade has a declining climb to arrive at there, which makes it a piece hard for youngsters and older folks. In any case, in the event that your relatives are truly dynamic, there is no issue. It is all protected.

Taking a Dip in the Waterfall:

The cascade has new water coming from the sloping rocks. Try not to botch the opportunity to take a plunge. Further, you need to be careful, don’t plunge where the water is profound. You can undoubtedly find many spots where the water isn’t excessively profound.

It is an incredible delight remaining under the cascade. The water is cold yet in the late spring you can appreciate it a great deal. You might have been to numerous cascades previously yet it was one of its sorts. You had never seen such a lovely showering cascade enclosed by between the mountains. It resembled a shellfish in a pearl.

Umbrella Waterfall Pics

Umbrella Waterfall Havelian

Umbrella Waterfall Poona, Abbottabad

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