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Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2021

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This article is a complete guide on Ufone SMS Packages. This will also tell you how to subscribe to these bundles.

Short messaging service (SMS) is a great medium of communicating with others as well as it also great fun for the youth who love chatting.

But, all this requires affordable SMS packages. In this piece, we shall discuss the Ufone SMS Packages in detail.

No doubt Ufone is a leading telecom operator in Pakistan.

Ufone has been providing cellular and digital services since 2001 in the country.

First Choice for Messaging

Ufone SMS Packages

Here are the Codes for Daily Ufone SMS Packages.

  • In 2001, Ufone started its telecom operation in the country.
  • In few years, Ufone earned a great name and good repute.
  • Ufone commenced providing valuable services.
  • Ufone also provided its network availability in a large part of the country where contemporary networks failed to reach.
  • People starting shifted to Ufone due to trustworthy internet package plans, SMS bundles, and affordable voice.

Why Ufone?

Pakistanis who need low price package plans with maximum and better area coverage can join the Ufone network.

If you are a Ufone lover and want to Subscribe to Ufone Internet Packages, then it is also a great deal.

Ufone is a famous telecom operator because of its most attractive and affordable package plans.

This popular company is offering SMS packages, call packages, and high-speed internet packages to its users.

  • There are millions of customers who are connected with Ufone for their daily communication needs.
  • Ufone has a vast area to serve that covers up to 10,000 locations.
  • The company is also covering many of the tribal areas where other competing telecom operators are not available for their services.
  • Ufone is a master brand of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited (PTCL) and it is owned by Pakistan. Later on, Etisalat bought PTCL.
  • Ufone is the first choice of those Pakistanis who want to have affordable packages at a low price and be connected with their family members and friends.

Let’s discuss all the Ufone SMS Packages details. You will also find Ufone SMS Package Code here with each respective SMS plan.

Ufone Daily SMS Package:

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone Daily SMS package is the most common SMS package that provides 1500 SMS for the duration of one day (24 Hours).

If you like to subscribe to this package,

  • You need only to send an SMS to 605.
  • Charges are only Rs. 3.99 plus tax.

Ufone youth daily SMS Package is amongst the best daily SMS Package that offers 600 SMS for 24 hours (One Day). To activate this offer,

  • Send an SMS SUB to 612.
  • Charges are Rs. 1.99 plus tax.

Ufone daily on-net package is another great package plan that provides 500 SMS for a single day. But these SMSs are valid only for the Ufone network.

To subscribe to this offer,

  • Send a SUB SMS to 611.
  • Charges are only Rs. 2 plus tax.

3 Portions of Ufone SMS Bundles:

Ufone SMS Packages

This page is arranged for the Ufone SMS package plans. These SMS package plans are arranged in three portions.

These portions are daily, weekly, and monthly.

You can subscribe Ufone Daily SMS package for 4 rupees that will expire after one day.

Ufone Daily SMS package contains 1500 SMS.

  • Send SUB to 605 to activate the daily SMS package.
  • Terms and conditions are applicable to all users.
  • Ufone on-net SMS package plans will contain 500 SMS.
  • The package will expire after one day.
  • You will be charged 2 rupees for this package.

Arrange the list of Ufone Daily SMS Package plans is given below. You can select your desired plan.

Package Name Charges
Ufone Night SMS Package Rs 1
Ufone Daily on-Net SMS Package Rs 2
Ufone Daily SMS Package Rs 4.77
Ufone Daily Chat Package Rs 6

Ufone Weekly SMS Package:

Ufone is famous in Pakistan due to its affordable and low price package plans.

These package plans of Ufone can be SMS, Calling, or internet Package buckets.

Ufone offers a huge list of weekly SMS packages.

Each Ufone package contains different numbers of SMS and various advantages that will suit different types of users and customers.

SMS lovers always try to search low price packages that only Ufone offers.

Here the weekly SMS packages will be discussed, and these packages are just for prepaid customers.

The customers who need a huge number of SMS for their daily purpose, try only to activate long-duration packages just like weekly or monthly package plans.

Ufone Weekly package plans offer a huge number of SMS that can be enough for one week.

  • Ufone Weekly SMS Package gives 1250 SMS.
  • You will be charged Rs. 11.95 plus tax.
  • These SMS are valid for 7 days (one week).

Ufone Weekly SMS Package:

If you check all package details, then you will know that every package is affordable and available at a low price.

Besides its affordability, other advantages also attract new customers to join the Ufone family quickly. Following is a detailed list of all Ufone Weekly SMS Package.

Package Name Charges
Ufone Weekly SMS Package Rs 11.95
Ufone Asli Chapar Phar Offer Rs 120

Ufone Monthly SMS Bundle:

Ufone has been gradually grabbing the telecom market with the help of its splendor services and best network coverage strategies.

People were really starting to build confidence in Ufone for the reason that Ufone takes care of its users and resolves their problems at its earliest.

At first, Pakistanis were not familiar with mobiles and everyone has a thought mobile usage is very high-priced.

Ufone started the trend of affordable and low price packages to grasp the customers.

Ufone has been launching a number of various packages to the ease of the customers.

From the very beginning, Ufone has been introducing the next-level technologies to its customers for making their system advance.

Ufone Monthly SMS Package:

Ufone Monthly SMS package is the requirement of those users who connect with their friends and families through SMS.

You can subscribe Ufone monthly package once a month and disremember to reactivate for the whole month.

Ufone is providing daily, weekly, monthly, and 45 days of SMS package plans at an affordable and low price.

Here you will see the perfect and thoroughgoing detail of each package.

Ufone monthly unlimited package is in fact the monthly SMS bucket.

It contains 20,000 SMS for one entire month.

This package provides a large number of SMS that cannot be consumed in one month so easily.

The price of this package is 80 Pakistani rupees and plus tax. Now, definitely, you will require the activation code of this bundle, for this

  • Just go to message
  • Write SUB
  • Send to 607 and avail of this offer.

Here the Followings are the out-and-out list of Ufone Monthly SMS package plans.

Package Name Charges
Ufone Sim Lago Offer Rs 0
Ufone Navi Sim Offer Rs 50
Ufone Monthly SMS Package Rs 95.6
Ufone Super Card Plus Rs 599
Ufone Super Card Gold Rs 599

SMS Offers by Ufone

Ufone is famous for its package plans that win over each kind of community.

The main reason behind this familiarity is Ufone low budget packages.

You can examine any package as each package contains many advantages.

Let’s talk about fortnightly SMS packages, this aforementioned package gives 10,000 SMS that are valid for all networks and for all over the country.

The price of the fortnightly package is affordable that is only Rr. 30 plus tax.

The duration and validity of the fortnightly package are 14 days after the subscription of said package.

SMS can be sent any time during this mentioned duration without time limitation.

To activate this package, send message SUB to 603.

If you need more SMS for any purpose including business, then you can try 45 days package that is also available.

This package consists of 30,000 SMS for one and half months.

To activate this package

  • Send a message of “SUB” to 614
  • Charges are Rs. 99 plus tax for this package.

Ufone Yearly SMS Bundle

As we know there is only Ufone that offers yearly SMS package plans.

This network is providing a yearly SMS Package. This yearly SMS package suits best to businessmen community.

Businessmen can use this package to promote their business and products using various strategies through SMS.

Businessmen keep in close contact with the customers by sending daily SMS.

Businessmen can get an unlimited number of messages that can easily be used for the whole year to any network operating in the country.

To subscribe to this package

  • Send a message of “SUB” to 601.
  • Charges are Rs. 666 plus tax for this package.
  • Send a message of “UNSUB” to 506 to unsubscribe from this package.

SMS Bundles for Postpaid Users

Having discussed many prepaid packages; let’s discuss SMS for postpaid customers.

Ufone is also providing a package for postpaid users. Postpaid customers can get 10,000 SMS for 1 month by subscribing to this package.

To subscribe to this package

  • Send a message of “SUB” to 610.
  • You will be charged Rs. 15 plus tax for this package.
  • To “UNSUB” this package, message 8610.

Following is the list of Ufone SMS Packages.

Package Name Charges
Ufone Power Hour Rs 7.17
Ufone 2 In 1 SMS Offer Rs 10
Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package Rs 39.33
Ufone SMS packages 15 days Rs 39.33
Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package Rs 39.33
Ufone Super Recharge Package Rs 50
Ufone 45 Days SMS Bucket Rs 118.31
Ufone Super Mini Card Rs 330
Ufone Yearly SMS Package Rs 795.87

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: What is the Ufone SMS Package?

Answer: In fact, Ufone SMS Packages are shaped for texting or chatting with family members and friends.

Comprehensive details of all SMS packages plans with their codes are mentioned above.

Question: How can I subscribe Ufone SMS Package?

Answer: For subscribing Ufone SMS Package,

  • Go to your message
  • Write SUB
  • Send this message to the code of the package you want to subscribe to.

Package codes are given above with all other detail.

Question: How can I subscribe to Ufone 15 days SMS package?

Answer: To subscribe to Ufone 15 days SMS package,

  • Go to your message
  • Write SUB
  • Send this message to 603

You can check your remaining SMS by sending a blank message on 606. Terms & Conditions will also apply.

Question: How can I get free SMS from Ufone?

Answer: If you have an old Ufone Sim, then dial *234# to avail of Free Ufone SMS

Question: How can I check my Ufone Monthly SMS package?

Answer: You can check the remaining SMS and related status by sending a blank SMS to 606.

You will get a message that includes the expiry date of your package and the remaining MBS.

Question: How can I subscribe monthly Whatsapp package?

Answer: If you want to avail Monthly WhatsApp Package, then just dialing *5858# on your smartphone.

There are also other WhatsApp package plans that are mentioned above.

Question: How can I avail myself Ufone Super Sasta Package?

Answer: If you want to avail Ufone Super Sasta package, then just dial *5678# on your smartphone.

A detailed list of Ufone SMS Pkg Codes is mentioned above. But remember that “Terms & conditions will apply”.

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