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Types of Cybercrime FIA is dealing with saving the people

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Islamabad: Cybercrime is an online crime including sexual harassment, cyberstalking, financial fraud, and access to unauthorized accounts.

Unfortunately, cybercrime has risen alarmingly over the past few years.

Cybercrime increased fivefold, especially during the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic.

According to figures released by the Federal Investigation Agency (Cyber Crime FIA), about 100,000 online crime complaints were dealt with during the period.

These complaints include cyberstalking, sexual harassment, financial fraud, and access to unauthorized accounts.

During these operations, more than 600 suspects were arrested and more than 20,000 electronic devices were confiscated.

Cybercrime Examples:


Cyber Crime investigation (Special investigations) were conducted by the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing.

Its purpose was to deal with harassment of women, financial crimes, child pornography, and High-Profile Cases.

Crimes under Cyber Forces:

There are a total of 24 clauses in the PECA Act, of which Section 10, Section 21, and Section 22 are non-bailable clauses.

Section 10 deals with cyber terrorism, section 21 deals with the dissemination of immoral images or videos.

Section 22 deals with the making and dissemination of immoral images or videos of children.

The illegal sale of SIMs by mobile phone companies is also an arrestable offense under the PECA Act.

Illegal access to someone’s computer or mobile phone is also on the list of crimes.

Hate speech or writing and electronic fraud or alteration are also offenses under this law.

It is a great crime to justify crimes against terrorism or banned organizations.

Cybercrime also includes the illegal use of any identity, including a person’s bank account and national identity card number.

It is also a crime to stalk someone on the Internet, to harass someone over and over again by texting or texting over and over again.

Government Measures to Tackle:

Various measures are being taken by the government to create public awareness and eradicate cybercrime.

  • The Govt. seems committed to deal the cybercriminals with iron hands.
  • The Cyber Crime Wing is raising awareness through its social media accounts.
  • Various instructions are also issued by the government which is available on the FIA website.
  • One can check Cyber Crime information there easily.
  • Five cyber zones have been set up under the FIA’s cybercrime wing, where work is in full swing.
  • There is also a National Response Centre for Cyber Crime in Pakistan.

In addition, more steps are being taken to protect the people.

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