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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Platform In Pakistan

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Why marketing is important for the real estate business?

 We bet you must be wondering why advertising is so crucial in the property business..Well if you own a real estate firm, marketing is essential since it is how you spread the word about who you are and what you provide to potential clients.

It’s not what you know, but who you know, as the expression say,” who knows you.”

Especially in the corporate sector, this is 100% accurate. Knowing the right people, but making sure they know you too is an important part. Moreover, for any real estate company to attract investors and cultivate lasting client relationships, it is essential to demonstrate the real estate’s track record of success via sharing information about completed projects and the current situation of the  market through social media platforms.Since there are already many businesses in this industry,  strong marketing campaign to stand out makes your work recognizable.In addition, it assists real estate agents in attracting more customers and establishing crucial networks of connections in their profession



Top 5 marketing Sites


  1. DreamsNex Marketing

DreamsNex has launched its very own real estate marketing agency DreamsNex MarketingIt will be dealing in Bahria Town Karachi. Providing all the facilities like print media, Pr, and cutting-edge strategies.

DreamsNex is currently working on five projects in Bahria town Karachi includes: DX Smart Apartments, it is the first mobile-controlled apartment in Pakistan located at Ali Square, Bahria Town Karachi. Next, we launched DX Smart Residency which is located at the prime location of liberty commercial, precinct 8. DreamsNex is always looking for new ways to expand business opportunities for the investors and so we are working on the DX Trade tower which is offering spacious offices and is located at Main Jinnah Road. Moreover, after gaining more trust, DreamsNex launched another project “DX luxury apartments’ ‘ located at a prime location. DreamsNex has recently launched “DX Heights”




  1. Graana

Graana was the first real estate website in Pakistan. When it comes to purchasing, leasing, or selling real estate, Granna has established a completely open and functional platform where you can sit back and allow the company advertises your projects and listings. Granna, by delivering the most advanced property platform, has revolutionized the Pakistani real estate industry.


  1. Zameen

Zameen.com is Pakistan’s largest online real estate portal connecting buyers with Sellers within & outside the country. The extensive listings and projects on offer provide something for everyone when it comes to property. Zameen.com is dealing in 30 cities and handling several projects like model city, smart villas one,pine valley and many more.


  1. Gharbaar

Gharbaar is  Pakistan’s #1 Home Buying Resource! It is located in Islamabad. It has  15 years of experience in the real estate industry proving to be the best trustful real estate.It has a highly-educated team of agents and technology professionals.Its mission is to change the way properties in Pakistan are bought, sold, leased, and rented.


  1. Agency21

The largest real estate agency network in Pakistan may be found at Agency21 International. More than one hundred of its offices are located in 22 different locations throughout the globe. By offering unrivaled quality of service, extensive legal protection, and complete openness in business dealings, the firm is well positioned to establish new standards in the industry and lead the way in the development of new trends. Agency21, which is relatively new to the industry and now has eight offices in the twin cities, has the ambitious goal of expanding across Pakistan with more than 200 branches.


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