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Tiktok warns of “love fraud” in reference to Valentine’s Day

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Tiktok warns of “love fraud” in reference to Valentine’s Day. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Tiktok has issued a warning to avoid love fraud (romance scams and deception).

But first, find out why. The U.S. FBI says it lost 1 billion in 2021 on love, friendship and dating apps and platforms, 25 percent of which was paid in cryptocurrency to prevent tracking and fraud.

On various apps, anonymous and faceless people from 18 to 29-year-olds, especially girls, took gifts thanks to the photos and profiles of others, the money disappeared and disappeared.

The reason was the boredom of the lockdown and the search for friends. That is why in 2021, the incidence of money laundering in the name of love has increased by 50%.

In addition, people have been stealing other people’s identities, phishing, and accessing their accounts. That’s why Tiktok has repeatedly launched a Tiktok campaign in the wider public interest.

Tiktok says cheaters are quick to agree on repairs to their partner and make a life partner, so don’t rush.

Secondly, no stranger should be involved in any kind of financial, bank, credit card, and other details. Take special care of it even after meeting and confirmation

Tiktok has come up with another simple way that if a person is seen in a picture wearing a very nice dress, then download his picture and do a reverse search on Google, then the whole rough chat will open and you will know that this picture. From where is it stolen and used as an identity?

In addition, Tiktok has given other important useful tips to avoid love frauds.

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