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The Journey from Honor to Humiliation: Wusatullah Khan column

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Wusatullah Khan
Wusatullah Khan

The Journey from Honor to Humiliation: Wusatullah Khan column ‘Baat Se Baat’ 

“The Journey from Honor to Humiliation” is the latest column by the popular Pakistani columnist Wusatullah Khan. This column is translated by the TPG for “Right Pakistan” readers with courtesy. Let’s read on!

First, they plundered the entire continent, then kidnapped slaves from Africa, then stole their hard-earned coffers.

Then, due to the blind economic and military power that was being extracted from this wealth, they started buying countries and being called honorable number one.

Now the time has come to such a level of degradation that even the trusts of the weakest have come down to usurpation.

No one even does such a lousy thing, even a third-class pickpocket lets some coins remain in his pocket out of pity for the poor face of a target.

  • Even the composer of “Bai Ji” does not pick up so many notes from the floor thinking of the children around him.
  • Even a drunkard leaves so many drops in a glass and gets up.
  • Even a person who is in debt puts so much money in a coffin.
  • So much charity is given by one beggar to another in the same way.

But from what I have heard and read, since then I have been cursing the low level of language, thinking that I wish there would have a word bigger than shit, shroud thief, robber, snatcher to describe this movement.

And the use of this word would be a little linguistic consolation. Unfortunately, no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Wusatullah Khan Column:

Hijab ban

We used to cry the last ones. This one turned out to be even bigger than them.

It has even announced $ 3.5 billion in damages to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, out of the 7 billion deposited in its own banks in the name of aid.

In this regard, Hatim seeks to lighten the burden of conscience by promising a federal judge’s ten-year-old decision to hide his nakedness as a fig-leaf and to spend the other half on the real owners. Tai’s grave was engulfed in flames.

None of the citizens of the country whose trust was stolen were among the 9/11 hijackers.

Half of the country’s population was born after 9/11, many of whose parents are now the world’s biggest victims of those who buy kidneys for a living.

Most of the 9/11 victims live in Afghanistan. If they had been able to get compensation, every American would be selling their kidneys today.

Fifteen of the people who directly or indirectly participated in the 9/11 hijacking were from Saudi Arabia.

If the 9/11 victims had to be compensated, then the most suitable country would be Saudi Arabia, which has also invested billions of dollars in the United States.

But which American administration has enough power to get the “C” of “compensation” from the Saudis? However, Saudi Arabia still can afford to buy five Afghanistan as a whole.

At this time, instead of providing emergency assistance to the Afghan people and putting money in their frozen money from above, putting money on their trust is like taking a watch from the wrist of a corpse and running away.

If an individual or an institution had done such a thing, patience might have come, but the manner in which the 80-year-old honorable has transformed himself into a humiliated one with this one act is astonishing.

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