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Studying Abroad: How to Apply to International Universities

By: Muhammad Sohaib

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Studying abroad is undoubtedly a great wish now-a-day.

Everyone wishes to study in world-renowned universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard.

Here in this article, we will guide you on how to apply to international universities for studying abroad.

Graduating from such famous universities gives you great confidence to enter into professional life in a much better way.

You will have to keep in mind some basic prerequisites. Here are those prerequisites to learn how to apply to International Universities

1: Studying Abroad Starts with Research Work

Studying Abroad: How to Apply to International Universities

First of all, make up your mind as to which subjects you are keen to study and which university is offering the best degree program in this regard.

The good news is that there are a number of universities in the world offering higher education in your favorite subject.

Note down a list of suitable universities after surfing the internet. Select the top 5 or top 10 universities.

2: Necessary Requirements

Once you have shortlisted list the universities, thoroughly go through the requirements for seeking admission in a concerning degree program.

  • While shortlisting, keep the following points in mind.
  • Which documents are required for submission?
  • What is the fee schedule?
  • What facilities are being offered by the university?

3: Prepare and Take Standardized Tests

Remember that barrier of language may be an issue for fulfilling your wishes of getting an education abroad.

For this purpose, universities have set pre-requisites for foreign students including the ability to communicate in English or the local language of that country.

To meet this prerequisite, you should get yourself prepared for the relevant tests to seek admission to your desired university.

4: Compulsory Test

Various universities demand different types of tests to check your language and communication skills.

TOFEL and IELTS are among the common language tests. You will have to submit a certificate at the time of admission to your university.

It is recommended to get prepared for TOFEL and IELTS. There are a lot of institutions in big cities that offer the services of preparation for these tests.

5: Fill the Application Form

Browsing the website of your desired university, you can download the admission form that will give you an idea regarding the submission of necessary documents.

Many universities have portals for the online submission of admission forms. If you find yourself unable, you may contact the university through email.

6: Documents Required for Studying Abroad

Mostly, you will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • Your complete biodata
  • Residential address of yours
  • You educational degrees
  • Your passport’s copy
  • Standard admission fee
  • A motivation letter for admission

Therefore, pen down the motivational letter in a very serious manner as it helps you convincing the university to offer you admission.

7: Visa Process for Studying Abroad

Once you succeed in getting admission to the desired university, the next important phase is your application for a visa from a respected country.

You will get the confirmation letter from the university which will be submitted along with other documents to the concerned embassy for a visa.

The embassy will ask for your following document for processing vise:

  1. You attested academic documents (degrees)
  2. University’s confirmation letter
  3. Bank statement of account
  4. Your valid passport
  5. Your recent photographs
  6. Visa fees

Remember: your bank statement carries great importance in your visa process, as it gives proof to the Visa Officer that you can bear all of your educational expenses.

8: Interview for Visa

Once you have submitted the application for a visa, you will be given an appointment for an interview in the embassy.

You must be well prepared for this interview. If you make it through, you will get the visa so pack up for studying abroad.

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