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Sozo Water Park Lahore

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Sozo Water Park Lahore

Sozo Water Park Lahore is a brilliant fascination for youngsters and furthermore for grown-ups. This water park in Lahore is coordinated for the diversion of travelers from everywhere in the world.

The spot has turned into a lovely objective for the travel industry .where vacationers are offered the chance to capitalize on their recreation time.

The travel industry area in Pakistan is likewise gaining fast headway. Increasingly more the travel industry offices are being given to individuals.

With the association of the confidential area in this significant area, new entertainment meccas are being set up. One of them is Sozo Water Park Lahore which is a remarkable carnival by its actual nature.

Playing around with Sozo water park is a most loved side interest of vacationers including swimming, fishing, jumping, sailing, water bike riding, engine drifting, and other water sports.

Water sliding is likewise viewed as a fascinating hobby with regard to water sports and thusly, it has a unique spot that can be engaged even by the people who do not know a little about swimming.

Area of Sozo Water Park Lahore:

Sozo Water Park Lahore

Sozo Water Park is situated close to Jallo Park in the east of Lahore. Sozo Water Park is laid out on Canal Bank Road, close to Jallo in Lahore.

It is close to numerous well-known regions in Lahore. This Water Park is just a 12-minute drive away from the closest lodging social orders.

Style and Theme:

Sozo Water Park Lahore

This water park is in the style of “Siam Park” situated in Thailand however the hardware introduced in it was made in Pakistan and Pakistani specialists have finished it keeping in view the necessities here.

Obviously, it will hold importance to perusers that the name of this park, SoZo, is an abbreviation for the initial two letters of the names of its Chairman Sohail Lashari and Managing Director Zoriz Lashari.

Many water parks have been worked all over the planet to give solid amusement to travelers.

Swings at Sozo Water Park Lahore:

Sozo Water Park is the principal task of its sort in Pakistan with six water slides.

These slides are 62 feet high and 225 feet in length. Notwithstanding the channel plant, a chlorine and lime water plant has been introduced here to keep the water spotless and straightforward and as per the standards of cleanliness.

Courses of action have likewise been made to keep the water at the right temperature as indicated by the season.

Notwithstanding water slides, pool, small train, support, hustling vehicles, joint wheels, rockets, ships, hopping vehicles, galleys, water boats, single motors, indoor games, badminton, and table tennis add to the good times.

Water Slides:

Sozo Water Park Lahore

A water slide is a longitudinal construction made of iron with a layer of fiberglass to safeguard the body from erosion.

The water streams on this slide. The young people go up the steps on the slide and stand topsy turvy on it, stand up and slide in different alternate ways. A generally low slide is made for kids to slip.

The experience of sliding on streaming water slides can’t be portrayed in words. This novel experience can be acquired by sliding oneself. This can be checked by taking a gander at the sparkling essences of youngsters and kids sliding there and paying attention to their voices emerging from euphoria.

There are serious areas of strength and the requirement for such event congregations for the positive overflow of energy of our childhood.

Tickets Prices and Timings

Tickets costs for slides and timings to appreciate in the recreation area are as given beneath.

Day Timings Ticket Price for Adults Ticket Price for Kids
Monday 10 am – 6.30 pm PKR 400 PKR 300
Tuesday 10 am – 6.30 pm PKR 500 PKR 400
Wednesday 10 am – 6.30 pm PKR 600 PKR 500
Thursday 10 am – 6.30 pm PKR 650 PKR 500
Friday 10 am – 6.30 pm PKR 700 PKR 600
Saturday 10 am – 6.30 pm PKR 700 PKR 600

Likewise, recollect, the costs of tickets are changed now and again. For the specific ticket cost for the afternoon, you should visit the Ticket counter at Sozo Water Park.

Sozo Water Park’s tentative arrangements:

Previous Chief Minister of Punjab, previous Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and previous Managing Director of TDCP Salman Siddique assumed a part in the culmination of this venture and gave potential offices at each stage.

Sozo and Park’s tentative arrangements incorporate the development of a cone-shaped style view pool. Waves like the ocean will be made in it. Individuals will be particularly entertained by this new thrilling diversion. Aside from this, a shooting office will likewise be given here.

Swimming and water sliding rivalries are additionally held at Sozo Water Park to promote water entertainment among individuals.

Understudies come here as gatherings. They are given a half markdown. There are additionally individual booking plans for various gatherings.

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