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Some important information about face masks

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Islamabad: Here in this article, you will learn some important information about face masks.

Here is a question why do we need to upgrade our face masks?

Responding to this, the American Scientific Journal writes that the N95 mask filters 95% of the airborne particles.

A good cloth mask has 70% filtration.

According to the magazine, cloth masks are effective only when they have 3 layers. The mask can be used for up to 40 hours.

Important Information about Face Masks:


Important information about face masks
Important information about face masks

The mask should be used within 6 months of opening the packet.

Since viruses do not live long on masks, it is not a bad idea to keep them circulating.

Also, use each mask in the packet within three days, while using one mask twice a day.

The European Equivalent of N95 mask FFP to Mask:

One way to increase the effectiveness of the mask is to wear a cloth mask over the surgical masks.

The N95 is the European equivalent of FFP2, which filters at least 94% of the particles.

The magazine writes in its detailed report that according to experts, high-quality masks like N95 and K95 are now widely available and provide the best protection against code.

Corona and polluted air masks became a major cause of pollution itself.

At the outset of the epidemic, the US Agency for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization warned people not to wear high-tech N95 masks made from synthetic fibers.

This was due to the lack of masks at the time, as health care workers desperately needed them.

It is recommended to cover the face with a cloth mask or other homemade.

The market now includes high-filtration respirator-style masks, including the N95, the Chinese-made K95, and the South Korean-made KF94.

These masks provide better protection than cheap clothes or surgical masks.

Ordinary people can wear N95 and other medical-grade masks.

On September 10, the CDC recommended that the general public wear N95 and other medical-grade masks, as there are plenty of those for whom N95 is not available, and cloth masks are an acceptable and recommended option.

Many experts have analyzed the different masks available in the market and agree that medical staff needs to wear fit high filtration masks.

Due to the lack of high filtration masks for them, a year ago people were being told to make cloth masks, and no masks without them.

What is filtration?

Filtration generally refers to the percentage of particles in the mask blocks as N95 filters 95% of the airborne particles.

A good mask is an important defense against code, says an aerosol expert at the University of California.

N95 is certified by the CDC’s National Institutes of Health.

How much filtration in which mask?

The N95’s European counterpart is the FFP2, which filters out at least 94% of the particles.

China has K-95 and South Korea has K-94.

All provide excellent filtration, good fabric mask has 70% filtration.

One reason to avoid using KN95 and similar masks are that they are generally considered disposable, but many experts say they can actually be worn multiple times.

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