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Six High Performance Habits to Perform Best and Always

MS Baig extracts 6 High Performance Habits from "Brenden Burchard's best selling Book

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Six High-Performance Habits There are tens of millions of people in the world who, once they perform well, and then go on performing at on same high pace with the same potential for the rest of their lives.

People usually call this ability an innate ability, but modern research attributes this ability to six habits, and these habits can be easily created within oneself. Brendan Bouchard, a well-known American researcher, public speaker, and trainer, mentions these habits in his best-selling book, High-Performance Habits.

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It is not difficult to perform well in the long run. All you have to do is follow the six habits of Brendan Bouchard.

1: Keep Thinking Clear

In High Performance Habits, Brendan Bouchard says it should be clear who you are, what you want to be, what it should be? What you can become, it should be clear? How can you become, should be clear?

It should also be clear what your real goal is in becoming what you want to be. It should be clear, “What tasks you spend your time on and why? What business do you want to do, or what profession do you want to pursue, should be clear?”

It should be clear, “What kind of relationship do you want to be in? Who do you make friends with and why, it should be clear? Do you have to adopt this habit of clarity and then make it a part of your body, your mind and your soul?”

2: Energy Availability

The second habit is to make the availability of energy in the body essential. High-performing people need a lot of energy, and long-term high-performing people need a lot of energy. One energy you get from the outside and the other energy you get from the inside.

High performers actually learn how to continuously generate this energy. This energy is physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energy. If you think positively, acquiring positive energy will become your habit and if you think negatively, you will never be able to perform well.

3: Create Your Demand

The third habit for high performance is the habit of creating your own demand. When high-performing people are asked why they are doing this, their answer is, “I am doing all this as usual. I can’t think of anything else to do. I was born just to do this job and to do it this way. I can’t waste this opportunity. If I don’t, I’ll probably regret it all my life. This feeling is running in my blood.”

It means that you have an emotional attachment to what you are doing or want to be. Just like you say to your beloved that no one else can come in my life except you, I am also saying to my work that I can’t do something else other than this. I will not do and I do not want to do. When you do that then you will need your field and profession.

4: Keep Increasing Your Productivity

The fourth habit of those who consistently perform well is to constantly increase their productivity. But you can increase productivity only when you know your goals. To increase your productivity, focus on the things and things that will improve you.

If you fix the basics in your routine, in your profession, in your routine and in your life, you will be able to perform well in the long run.

This means that if you have six hours to cut down a single tree, spend four hours sharpening your ax. When the ax is sharpened well, you will be able to cut down more than one tree in the remaining two hours, but if the ax stays blunt for six hours, you will not be able to cut those trees in six days.

5: Create Your Influence in People

In his best-selling book, Brendan Bouchard says that if you want to be able to perform consistently and for a long time, you have to leave a deep impression on people. Influence means that you can customize the mood and thinking of the people.

If you want to inculcate this virtue in yourself as a habit from today, first of all you have to start helping others without wanting any reward. Then secondly you have to stop putting pressure on people to get your point across, and thirdly you have to understand people’s moods and problems.

If you do these three things, you can become people’s beloved. Remember that it is very important to make an impact in people or to change their thinking, mood and their liking. Teach your team members how to work, teach them how to move forward, teach people to think for success, give people a chance to move forward, and be role models for people. This habit of yours will establish your influence on people.

6: Bravery, Courage and Enthusiasm

According to Brendan Boushard, 100% of high-performing people are not born brave. They do not come to this world with courage and enthusiasm from world from the womb of their mother.

Rather, it is a habit that most of them adopt themselves and then, like other good habits, make it an integral part of their daily routine. You have to overcome your fear for the habit of bravery and courage.

Once you overcome the fear, then this habit settles in your blood. The easiest way to overcome this fear is to never give up the effort and struggle, what you want, or what you have set for yourself, do not hide from others.

There must be someone in your life for whom you fight all over the world, the day you meet that person, you become fearless. You become brave and courageous and you succeed.

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