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Siblings Meaning in Urdu and English

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Siblings Meaning in Urdu and English.

Siblings Meaning in Urdu is بھائی، بہن, as written in Urdu، and BHAI, BEHAN, as written in Roman Urdu. Other SIBLINGS Urdu Meanings are Rishtedar, Khooni Rishtedar, Qareebi Rishtedar, etc. You can find more SIBLINGS meanings; synonyms, and translations of SIBLINGS over here.

:ترجمہ و تشریح

انگریزی کے لفظ “سِبلنگز” کے معنی (بھائی، بہن) ہیں، جیسا کہ اردو میں لکھا جاتا ہے۔ اور اس لفظ کے اردو میں دیگر معنی (رشتے دار، خونی رشتے دار، قریبی رشتے دار وغیرہ) کے ہیں۔


ROMAN اردو
Bhai بھائی
Behan بہن
Behan Bhai بہن بھائی
Khooni Rishtay Ka Aziz خونی رشتے کا عزیز
Hum Madar Badar ہم مادر بدر


SIBLINGS Pronunciation: [sib-ling]

How To Spell: [sib-ling]

Origin: This word finds its origins in old English.


Sibling Urdu Meaning: Here, you can find the right and correct meaning of Sibling in the Urdu language. It is very important to grasp and understand this word properly and rightly when you translate it from English to Urdu.

There are always many meanings for every word in Urdu, but the correct and proper meaning of Sibling in Urdu is بھائی، بہن, and in Roman, you can write it Bhai Behan.

The other meanings are Bhai, Behan, Behan Bhai, Hum-Madar Badar, and Khooni Rishtay Ka Aziz. According to the parts of speech, the word “Sibling” is a noun. This word finds its origins in old English. It had been used in the sense of ‘relative’ (see sib, -ling). But, the current sense dates from the early 20th century.

There are also a number of synonyms (similar words) to Siblings in our dictionary. These words are Brother, Sister, Relative, Sib, Kin, and Kinfolk. Sibling is spelled as [sib-ling]. After knowing and learning English to Urdu translation of Sibling, if you have a query or an issue in pronunciation then there is help to listen to its audio in the online dictionary.


Brother, Sister, Relative, Sib, Kin, and Kinfolk


opponent, antagonist, archenemy, rival, adversary, nemesis, detractor, and stranger

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