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Seljan Khatun death Scene made the audience cry

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Seljan Khatun death Scene made the audience cry.

Usman Ghazi’s mother Seljan died in the last scene of episode 91 of Kurulus Osman. This is the scene in which Usman returns to the tribe after the victorious military campaign.

Seljan greets the conquerers with the whole tribe but then she dies of some disease. The scene of the death of Selijan Hatun saddened the audience.

It should be noted that Selijan Khatun was the last character who played a significant part in the five seasons of Dirilis: Ertugral the Turkish drama series and then the three telecasts of Kurulus Osman so far.

The role of Seljan Khatun has been played by the Turkish popular actress Didem Balçın Aydın.

In the 91st episode of ‘The Establishment Osman’, Osman Bey, his women Bala and Malhun; Gündüz Bey, along with Cerkutay and Aygül, come to Bilecik Castle with his Alps Boran, Turahan, Gencebey Şamil and Abdurrahim.

Turkish actress Didem Balcin as Seljan Khatun (Left) in Kurulus Osman

Swords and arrows are secretly brought into the castle in barrel chests at the wedding party. While Osman Bey and his alps pass into the square where entertainments are held with Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus, Bala and Malhun Hatun, Aygül and Cerkutay, and Gündüz Bey retreat to the rooms prepared for them in the castle.

Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus placed soldiers and assassins among those who took part in the public and entertainment in order to kill Osman Bey and his family at the iftar table.

While Osman Bey acts as if he knows nothing about his alps and watches the media, Bala and Malhun Hatun, Gündüz Bey, Cerkutay, and Aygül meet with Aktemur in the castle. Aktemur gives them a sketch of the dungeon where Orhan and Alaeddin are held captive.

Seljan Khatun death Scene:

Seljan Khatun death Scene
Seljan Khatun death Scene

Bala and Malhun Hatun, Gündüz Bey, Cerkutay, and Aygül, who left their rooms on the pretext of illness, took their swords from the barrels they had secretly brought into the castle. To go to the dungeon where Orhan and Alaeddin are held captive, they hide in the corridors and rooms of the castle, fight the soldiers of Tekfur, and cut them down.

Towards evening hours, the wedding party carrying the Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus enters Bilecik Castle. The conflict begins when Basilleus gets out of the car and shouts “trap”. Turgut, Konur, Kutan, and the alps disguised as soldiers start a fierce battle with Osman Bey and Tekfur Juntinyanus and his soldiers in Bilecik Square.

Turkish beauty queen Didem Balçın Aydın

During the conflict, Tekfur Justinianus manages to escape. Osman Bey cuts down the Tekfur soldiers who come in front of him and chase him. Tekfur Juntinyanus, who managed to throw himself into the streets of Bilecik, plans to save his life and his castle by taking Osman Bey’s sons Orhan and Alaeddin hostage, whom he held captive in the dungeon.

Bala Hatun, Malhun Hatun, and Gündüz Bey come to the dungeon in the castle’s corridors, smashing the Tekfur soldiers. Tekfur kidnapped Justinianus, Orhan, and Alaeddin from the dungeon. While Malhun and Bala Hatun, who see the dungeon empty, are shocked, Osman Bey angrily chases Tekfur Justinyanus with Aktemur.

Osman Bey, who went through the secret passages with Aktemur, confronts Justinianus and his commander, who took his sons hostage. Osman Bey shoots Tekfur Justinyanus in the head with an arrow, while the dagger thrown by Aktemur comes to the commander’s chest. Osman Bey, who killed Tekfur Justinyanus, conquered Bilecik Castle while rescuing his sons Orhan and Alaeddin.

Osman Bey, who came to the square of Bilecik Castle, stood with his extraordinary majesty and said to his alps and the people of the castle, “Bilecik will forever be the castle of the Turk! will be done!” He makes the speech of conquest.

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