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Russian nuclear forces ordered to be ready, fears of nuclear war

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Moscow: Russian nuclear forces ordered to be ready, fears of nuclear war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country’s nuclear forces to be prepared in the face of Western aggression.

According to the media reports, Putin’s directive to Russia’s nuclear forces is a wake-up call for Russia to launch a nuclear weapon.

According to media reports, the above-mentioned directive of the Russian President raises fears that the dispute between Russia and Ukraine could turn into a nuclear war.

Russian nuclear forces ordered to be ready:

Russia attacks Ukraine

During a meeting with top Russian officials, Putin instructed the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the General Staff to register the nuclear forces in a special system of combat responsibilities.

Putin said in a televised remark that “Western countries are not only taking unfriendly measures against our country in the economic field but also the top officials of the leading NATO members have made aggressive statements about our country.”

Ukraine willing to negotiate with Russia without any preconditions

On the other hand, Ukraine agreed to peace talks with Russia without any preconditions, while Russia also gave up the condition of laying down arms.

The International News Agency, quoting the presidential office in Kyiv, claimed that Ukraine was now ready for talks with Russia, but that the talks would take place on the Belarusian border.

Initially, representatives of Ukraine and Russia will meet without any preconditions, after which a high-level meeting is expected.

These talks are taking place through the efforts of common friendly countries.

Earlier, Russia’s foreign minister said talks could take place if the Ukrainian army surrendered, while the Russian president had sent a delegation to neighboring Belarus to hold talks with Ukraine.

Just yesterday, Ukraine called on the International Court of Justice to immediately suspend Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia in the International Court of Justice over the inter-state dispute.

On the second day of the war, the United States offered to escort the Ukrainian president to safety, which was rejected by President Vladimir Zelensky, saying he needed weapons to fight and not a vehicle to flee.

Russian troops are just 9km from parliament in the capital, Kyiv, while the other major city has entered Kharkiv, where the Ukrainian army is showing strong resistance.

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