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Reduction in taxes likely to lower the price of 1000 CC vehicles

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Islamabad: Reduction in taxes, in federal budget 2021-22, likely to lower the price of 1000 CC vehicles.

But the question there is how much will the Cultus a, Suzuki Wagon R, and other 1000 CC vehicles cost?

The government has announced a tax reduction to bring down the prices of vehicles up to 1000 cc.

What amount will the Suzuki Wagon R and Cultus cost? Incredible news for those hoping to purchase a vehicle.

Reduction in Taxes and New Price of 1000 CC Vehicles:

Price of 1000 CC Vehicles

  • As indicated by the vehicle tracking portal, the government tax on the vehicles will be decreased by 2.5%.
  • Deals charge on 1000 CC vehicles will be decreased from 17% to 12.5%.
  • Government Excise Duty 2.5 will be abrogated and diminished to nothing.
  • Subsequently, vehicle costs are probably going to fall by 6.3 percent.

Price of KIA Picanto 2021:

  • The cost of Kia’s well-known vehicle “Picanto” can be diminished by Rs 129,000.
  • After which, this vehicle will get less expensive and will be worth Rs. 19 lakh 20 thousand.

Price of Suzuki Wagon R 2021:

This vehicle is famous in Pakistan which has three unique models.

  • The cost of Wagon R “AGS” is relied upon to diminish by one lakh 9,000.
  • After which the cost of Wagon R “AGS” will descend from Rs. 1890,000 to Rs. 1771,000.
  • The cost of Wagon R “VXL” can be decreased by one lakh 9,000.
  • After which it will be less expensive from Rs. 17 lakh 30 thousand to Rs. 16 lakh 21 thousand.
  • The cost of Wagon R “VXR” is likewise expected to be decreased by Rs.
  • After which its cost will be decreased to Rs. 15 lakh 37 thousand.

Price of Changan A Caravan 2021:

  • The cost of the 1000 cc model of this vehicle is additionally expected to diminish.
  • This vehicle will most likely be less expensive from Rs 94,000 to Rs 1,396,000.

Price of Cultus 2021:

Suzuki’s second most well-known vehicle today is the Cultus.

Since it is 1000 cc, the public authority charge exception will likewise influence its cost.

  • The cost of Cultus “VXR” can be decreased by Rs. 112,000.
  • After which the vehicle will be diminished from Rs 1.78 million to Rs 1.668 million.
  • The cost of Cultus “VXL” is probably going to be decreased by Rs. 124,000.
  • After which this vehicle will be diminished from Rs. 19 lakh 70 thousand to Rs. 18 lakh 46 thousand.

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