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PTI Long March ends in red zone, giving 6 days to declare elections

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PTI Long March ends in the red zone: IK gives the govt 6 days to declare elections

In Islamabad, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan, announcing an end to the sit-in, demanded that the government hold general elections in six days. I will return to Islamabad with 2 million people.

Addressing the people on Jinnah Avenue, Imran Khan said that all Pakistanis have seen unity for the first time. There is no precedent for tear gas.

Imran Khan said that our nation is free from fear and now we will not accept imported government under any circumstances.

PTI Long March:

Chairman PTI said that all sorts of methods were used to thwart this freedom movement.

He said that now our nation will not allow criminals to rule, the current Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz have committed serious crimes and they have been given the running of the country.

Addressing the Supreme Court, he said that 5 workers have been killed since last night, we have come out for peaceful protest and never incited chaos.

Imran Khan said that families always come to our meetings, and women and children are also involved in the protest.

Earlier, clashes between the participants and the police continued at different times throughout the night, however, PTI workers responded to the police shelling with heavy stones.

PTI workers removed the container from D-Chowk and entered the red zone while the government decided to deploy Pakistan Army troops in the red zone.

It is to be noted that Imran Khan along with the party leaders started the march from Swabi to Islamabad and the convoy of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, which entered the borders of Islamabad 8 hours ago, reached H-9 early in the morning.

The convoy gradually moved towards D-Chowk but on reaching Jinnah Avenue, Chairman PTI addressed the people and announced to end of the sit-in.

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