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Prohibited funding of PTI has been proved: Election Commission Verdict

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Prohibited funding of PTI has been proved: Election Commission Verdict.

A 3-member bench of the Election Commission of Pakistan has given its verdict in the PTI prohibited funding case, stating that prohibited funding of Tehreek-e-Insaf has been proved.

According to Express News, a three-member bench of the Election Commission of Pakistan had reserved its verdict on June 21, which was read out by Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja this morning, according to which the PTI received funding from prohibited sources.

The verdict said that PTI received funding from foreign companies including Abraaj Group. PTI hid its 16 accounts from Election Commission.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan submitted the Miss Declaration to the Election Commission. PTI Chairman’s certificate was invalid. Imran Khan’s affidavit contains false statements.

In the unanimous decision of the Election Commission, it has been further stated that PTI took funding from the USA through LLC. PTI has violated Article 17.

The Commission is satisfied that prohibited funding has been received from various companies. PTI initially verified 8 accounts. PTI took funding from 34 foreign companies.

The Election Commission has issued a show-cause notice to PTI, asking why its funds should not be confiscated.

The Election Commission has decided to send a copy of the PTI foreign funding case decision to the federal government.

Later, the Election Commission issued a 70-page written judgment in the PTI Prohibited Funding Case, according to which Tehreek-e-Insaf knowingly received prohibited funding from Wootton Cricket Limited.

Prohibited funding of PTI

PM IK addressed the OIC meeting

PTI knowingly received prohibited funding from United Arab Emirates Company Bristol Engineering.

The written judgment issued stated that the prohibited funding was obtained from the E-Plant Trustees Company of Switzerland, and SS Marketing Company of UK.

According to the unanimous decision of the Election Commission, the funding received by PTI from USA LLC was also found to be prohibited. Chairman PTI’s funding validation certificates were not valid.

In the written decision, it is further stated that Tehreek-e-Insaf received funds of 21 lakh 21 thousand 500 dollars from Woton Cricket. $49,964 was transferred from Bristol Engineering.

PTI received more than 1 lakh 17 thousand funding from E-Planet Trustees and SS Marketing Companies.

In the decision, 7 lakh 92 thousand pounds received by PTI from the UK, 35 lakh 81 thousand 186 rupees from PTI Canada, and 6 lakh 79 thousand rupees received from Australian company Anwar Brothers have been banned.

The decision of the Election Commission said that PTI had disclosed only 8 accounts. The accounts that were disaffiliated were run by senior PTI leadership.

PTI hid a total of 16 accounts operated by its leadership. Non-disclosure of accounts is a violation of Article 17(3) by PTI.

According to the unanimous decision, the certificates submitted by Imran Khan from 2008 to 2013 are clearly false.

Imran Khan’s certificates do not match State Bank records. The issue of prohibited funding falls under the category of clause six (3) of the Political Parties Order 2002.

The Election Commission has issued a show cause notice to confiscate funds to Tehreek-e-Insaf under Clause 6 of the Rules of Political Parties and asked why not all prohibited funds should be confiscated.

It should be noted that two days ago, regarding the prohibited funding case, the former secretary of the Election Commission of Pakistan, Kanwar Dilshad, said that foreign and prohibited funding are the same thing, and foreign funding has been proven in the report of the State Bank.

In case of violation of the decision, the prohibited funding will be confiscated, under Section 215, the party symbol can also be withdrawn, and the registration of the party can also be canceled on the prohibited funding.

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