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Parizaad Episode 21 || English Subtitle

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Parizaad Episode 21 || Eng-Subtitle || Parizaad is a great social drama produced by MD Productions.

It was originally released on July 20, 2021. The new episode is usually aired on Tuesday at 8 PM (PKT) on HUM TV Channel.


Manzoor doesn’t recognize the presence of his third kid, Parizaad, as it will demolish his desperation. Twenty years pass and Parizaad transforms into a devoted understudy who maintains his kin by training instructive expenses.

With a delicate and imaginative heart, he forms a stanza and prefers the style. He has shared with show a neighborhood young woman, Naheed.

Inadvertently, Shauky, a loafer in the nearby who has a keen interest in Naheed, demands that Parizaad make a love letter for her.

While climbing her housetop around evening time, Shauky seeks after away Naheed yells with fear, dropping the letter on the roof.

The letter is in this way found by Naheed’s father who, seeing the handwriting, anticipates that Parizaad should be the certified guilty party.

Story of the Drama PariZaad:

Parizaad accepts the problem for all of the killings before his lawyer and the police, deferring for Behroze after Jaanu comes to meet him in prison.

The police notice Laila’s letter blaming Behroze for accepting anything that happens to her. They come to catch Behroze who ends it all. Parizaad’s conveyance becomes unavoidable as he completed no critical bad behavior.

A half-year has passed and Parizaad’s kin has disavowed him. Feroze gets hanged while Mr. Behroze left a fortune for Parizaad.

Following five years, Parizaad is liberated from jail. According to Behroze’s will, Parizaad accepts command over the association. He offers Jaanu to work with him yet he denies it. Parizaad gifts him a townhouse and leaves.

Parizaad meets his nearby mate, Lubna, at a become party with a fearless lady known as Mahpara. She enlightens him about her division and occupation.

Parizaad incidentally notices RJ Annie relating his refrain on the radio which convinces him to visit his family. His sister starts crying wildly right after seeing him.

Parizaad visits her sister who has a young lady named Parisa. Salim returns the money Parizaad once advanced him any way he gives it to Parisa.

Parizaad visits everyone in his space and offers to help Majid with his work. He endeavors to find his master Kallu yet misfires. Mahpara makes reference to a repairman named Kallu.

Parizaad Episode 21:

A new episode is aired on HUM TV on Tuesday at 8 PM PST and the link is posted here at about 9 PM.

If you do not find a link, be patient and wait. The link is usually posted as soon as it is published.

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