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Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)

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About the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)

While attempting to help the ability of the movement business in the country, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) will propel 10 towns as models commonplace the movement business complaints in the country.

The towns have moreover been added to the summary of the best voyager complaints stayed aware of by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as taught by the Managing Director PTDC Aftab ur Rehman Rana.

UNWTO has in like manner shipped off the Global Best Tourism Village drive. The justification for this drive is to protect the lifestyle and scenes around these and save the traditions, claims to fame, design, and uncommon demonstrations of the inhabitants.

He moreover shed light on the meaning of country and the movement of business which can influence the economy from the close to the general level. To be sure, that isn’t it, the ordinary lift in the close by the movement business region would in like manner put these towns en route to headway with additionally created workplaces.

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, even more routinely known as PTDC, is an authoritative body that is essentially at risk for the development and headway of the movement business in Pakistan.

It moreover gains ground toward broadening a positive image of Pakistan by propelling its charming scenes, splendid peaks, great streams, spellbinding social orders, significant and vital regions, and mesmerizing brilliance. The affiliation in like manner uses performing articulations, composing, and music to open the movement business ability of the country.

To help you with all the more profoundly concentrating on the Pakistan Tourism Development Authority, we have introduced to you an organized aide that will answer all of your crushing requests in regards to the arrangement of encounters, occupations, organizations, and components of the affiliation.

About PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation):

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

PTDC upholds the movement business in Pakistan by propelling the topographical assets and rich social tradition of the district.

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation was solidified on March 30, 1970, as a Public Corporation Limited guaranteed by the Government of Pakistan and addressed by top administrative staff. Its managerial focus is arranged inside Pakistan Secretariat in Islamabad.

PTDC was remade in March 2019 following the improvement of the National Tourism Coordination Board a year sooner. It has now engaged all of the areas to sort out their own movement industry systems according to their specific monetary plans.

The vision of PTDC is to help the movement of business in Pakistan by propelling its geographical assets, social heritage, ordinary gloriousness, and archeological objections. It considers the improvement of the movement business region as need might arise and plans to lay out a sensible environment that deals with the individual fulfillment in the country.

The movement business progression undertaking of Pakistan also attempts to outfit local and new tourists with top-notch workplaces and comforts while ensuring the protection and security of our social and excellencies.

It closely associates with the classified region to stimulate a traveler’s obliging image of Pakistan. PTDC furthermore has and runs a couple of lodgings, resorts, and motels near notable holiday destinations in the country to give negligible cost and comfort decisions to travelers and vacationers. It is like manner offers transportation for travelers to explicit bits of the country.

The key objectives of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation consolidate publicizing and exhibiting the voyager aftereffects of Pakistan, conveying quality openness material, and figuring out restricted time activities to attract extra travelers.

It moreover asks the secret region to actually partake in updating the movement business region through various missions, classes, and studios. The PTDC visit packages and ground treatment of these visits also help in chipping away at the positive image of Pakistan close by supporting the local travel industry. The PTDC pack rates are furthermore truly reasonable.

PTDC is also responsible for the new development and improvement of explorer Information centers, lodgings, hotels, and other traveler establishments in Pakistan.

The Tourism Industry in Pakistan:

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

From the eminent mountains that proceed to captivate glades in the north to stunning coastlines and very old archeological regions in the south, Pakistan offers a different mix of getaway destinations to nature dears, experience searchers, and history buffs something similar.

Whether you value traveling across tricky scenes, sailing in fast streaming streams, desert jeep safaris, trout fishing, captivating bird watching, yak polo or simply camping out under the shade stars enveloped by thick coniferous woods, you won’t run out of exercises and spots to visit in Pakistan.

Pakistan is home to five of the 14 most critical independent mountain ridges in the world including K2, which is the second-most imperative mountain on earth at 8,611 meters.

The high meadows in Gilgit-Baltistan, stunning green valleys in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, great Mughal-time designs and rich social tradition of Punjab, the critical areas and Sufi sanctums in Sindh, harsh mountain and amazing coastlines in Balochistan, and the spellbinding standard superbness of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can without a doubt make one fall head over heels for Pakistan.

The movement business in Pakistan has seen a big lift lately. For example, Forbes Magazine, which is notable overall dissemination with a vast readership, situated Pakistan among the fundamental 10 coolest spots to visit in 2019. Subsequently, American lavishness touring distribution Conde Nast articulated Pakistan as the number 1 holiday destination for 2020, further building up the spot of Pakistan as an emerging explorer area of interest.

While numerous factors have added to the conspicuousness of getaway destinations in Pakistan, one can’t hold the work back from getting the public expert in spreading care about these areas and expanding a positive image of the country. The easygoing visa plans and government drives, for instance, the farewell of the Kartarpur Corridor and the introduction of current camping out units in the northern locales have all supported further fostering of Pakistan’s movement industry situating.

The sensible yet pleasant comfort decisions, as well as the sincerity of the close people, are moreover two of the primary components behind the advancement of the movement business in Pakistan.

Works and Services of PTDC:

Here are the chief works and organizations of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation:

Making of extraordinary material for travelers and its scattering through the new missions of Pakistan, traveler information centers, work environments of the Pakistan International Airlines, travel organizers, visit chairpersons, and hoteliers.

  • Making unique missions about getaway destinations in Pakistan for local and new media.
  • Support in worldwide events, classes, shows, showcases, fairs, and studios either openly or working together with the private region.
  • The arrangement and execution of the movement business headway projects in Pakistan.
  • ID, orchestrating and improvement of the movement business structure of the country over.
  • The leading body of PTDC Motels (Pvt.) Ltd, which claims and works friendliness units near voyager complaints in Pakistan with the low private hypothesis.
  • The leading body of Pakistan Tours (Pvt.) Ltd, which handles the local and worldwide visits packs on the ground. It moreover gives them transportation workplaces.


For bits of knowledge regarding the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation packages, the movement business districts in Pakistan, and PTDC hotels, you can directly contact the relationship at the going with a number or send them an email.

Here are the contact nuances of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

  • Address: Ground Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.
  • Phone Number: 051-9212850
  • Email Address: info@tourism.gov.pk
  • This stops our blueprint of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

If you are enthusiastic about more profoundly concentrating on the traveler areas in Pakistan, coming up next are two or three aides that you could consider strong.

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