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Pakistan Amidst Political and Economic Crisis

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Pakistan Amidst Political and Economic Crisis.

The country’s problems became serious, darkness appeared in front, and hopes of seeing the rays of hope also started to die.

In such a situation, how can the people get out of the problems and how can the country progress? In today’s article, we will discuss the same.

There is no doubt that the country’s problems have become very serious at this time.

Economic Crisis in Pakistan

Economic Crisis

The seriousness of these problems is increasing with each passing day.

Inflation was a kind of eternal problem even before, the increasing effects of which could never be resolved. But now due to unemployment, the stoves of the houses have also started going out.

There was lawlessness in the country, but the scourge of terrorism has started to rise once again.

The national treasury is empty and there is not even a penny to run the country, and the saddest thing is that the political leadership seems unable to understand the nuances of the situation and solve the country’s problems.

The political leadership trapped in their egos does not seem serious about solving their mutual issues.

If this is not the height of irresponsibility, then what else is it that the government and the opposition do not seem willing to talk to each other? The way out of political crises is nothing but political dialogue.

In democratic societies, discussions and negotiations between political parties are not the last options, but the first option to overcome the problems. In this way, many problems can be avoided.

The longer it takes to come to the negotiation table to solve the problems, the more things get confused, but is it necessary that the fish lick the stone and turn back?

Is There Any Solution?

Differences in any state on one or more subjects, whatever they may be, cannot be resolved except through understanding.

People of belligerent countries also have to resort to negotiation to settle matters during and after the war.

In these circumstances, if Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reiterates the invitation to all political forces to find a way out of the political and economic crises, then the head of Tehreek-e-Insaf will not delay in accepting this “olive branch”.

This is also important because Imran Khan himself has been expressing his willingness to talk to get the country out of the crisis.

Chairman PTI wants to hold early elections in the country, the same demand was being made by the then opposition during his government, but at that time Imran Khan considered the holding of elections against the interest of his party.

Today, snap elections are considered by the parties in the current government to be against their interests.

But there are still some obstacles in the way of solving the political crisis, the biggest obstacle among them is mistrust. There is a growing gulf of mistrust between political parties.

According to the close circles of Chairman PTI, Imran Khan has some serious concerns in some cases, and it is the responsibility of the state to address these concerns.

But Imran Khan is also required to abide by the country’s laws and not obstruct the way of ensuring the execution of court orders.

This is better for this country, the people, and the political parties themselves.

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