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One hour of exercise a week reduces the severity of depression

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Iowa: Severity of Depression: Although the relationship between exercise and depression reduction has been scientifically proven, now a survey has found that exercise immediately reduces depression and restores mood, and its effects continue.

We were not scientifically aware of its effects on the brain and mood during and immediately after exercise.

The study was conducted by Jacob Meyer, an exercise specialist at Iowa State University. He wanted to know the effects of just one exercise on depression.

Severity of Depression

Severe sadness and depression alter the patient’s mental circuitry as if they were in a state of constant unhappiness.

In this way, the joy and enjoyment of their life disappear and they start having seizures of depression which is also called Annia Donia. It affects brain processing and memory loss.

However, even a single session of exercise can reduce the underlying depression by affecting the brain’s roots.

In this regard, 30 volunteers were recruited. These people were divided into two groups, one was asked to ride a fixed bicycle for half an hour, and the other group rested for the same period.

The questionnaire was then filled out to measure Annie Donia. This was followed by the famous tests for measuring brain ability in which Stroop and Word tests are very popular.

It also looked at how the mental state and depression change during exercise and how they express their negative state of mind.

When the cyclists finished their workout, their mood remained good for the next 75 minutes and the depression went away. But those who just relaxed instead of cycling did not show any signs of depression.

But what happened to the most amazing mental capacity. The Stroop Test of the exercisers improved and the effect lasted for 25 to 50 minutes. Now there is no positive mental effect on those who do not exercise.

Participants said that after the exercise, their mood became lighter and their mood was very pleasant. Some people said that for an hour they felt that the exercise had lifted the dark clouds over their minds.

The study, published in the journal Psychology of Sports and Exercise, concludes that even one hour of exercise a week can be important in relieving depression.

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