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Notification issued to close bazaar in Islamabad at 9 PM

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ISLAMABAD: Notification issued to close bazaar in Islamabad at 9 PM.

Working hours have been fixed for business and commercial centers in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad as well as across Punjab to deal with power shortfall and save the people from the scourge of load shedding.

Close bazaar in Islamabad

According to the new working hours, the business will be able to continue till 9 pm in business centers, shopping malls, bazaars, markets, and shops.

While restaurants, hotels, cafes and clubs, tandoor cinemas and entertainment venues will be open till 11:30 pm.

Similarly, pharmacies, medical stores, hospitals including petrol pumps, CNG stations, dairy shops, industries and factories, and service areas and tie shops on motorways and highways have been exempted from working hours.

The ban on wedding halls has been maintained till 10 pm while working hours will not be restricted for public convenience on Saturdays.

However, even for the weekly holiday, the traders and business class have been left to their advantage as per their convenience, under which they can take one day off on Friday or Sunday.

The sanctions will take effect on Monday, June 20.

On the other hand, there has been a mixed reaction from the traders and business community to the sanctions.

While the people have welcomed the restrictions on working hours to overcome the power crisis.

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