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Nothing more sacred than people & motherland, Army Chief General Asim

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Rawalpindi: Army Chief General Asim Munir has said that the enemy is plotting to create a rift between the people and the forces.

According to ISPR, the passing out parade of cadets of the 147th PMA Long Course, 13th Mujahid Course, 66th Integrated Course, 6th Basic Military Training Course, and 21st Lady Cadet Course was held at Pakistan Military Academy today.

Addressing the passing out parade, the Army Chief said that the pivot of the state is the people of Pakistan, the first and foremost responsibility is loyalty to the state of Pakistan and commitment to the constitutional role assigned to the armed forces of Pakistan.

The Army Chief said that for us there is nothing more sacred than the safety and security of the people and no duty is more important than the protection of the motherland.

General Syed Asim Munir said that our efforts for peace should not be considered a weakness, we will not hesitate to make any sacrifice to defend our motherland. Pakistan Army is always ready to fulfill its duty.

The Army Chief said that the zealous and brave soldiers of the Pakistan Army are not intimidated by the number of resources of the enemy.

The Army Chief recited a portion of the Ayat Karimah of Surah Al-Baqarah of the Holy Quran, which translates as “How many times has it happened that by the will of Allah, the lesser power has defeated the greater power”.

He said that the enemy wants to affect the state and social harmony, they will not allow the peace established as a result of many sacrifices to be affected in any way.

The Army Chief emphasized that terrorists and their facilitators have no place in the country, we have to recognize our apparent and hidden enemy and in this context, we have to keep a clear distinction between reality and ambiguity.

He said that the enemy is active in conspiracies to create a rift between the people and the armed forces, and the mutual relationship between the people and the Pakistan Army will be maintained.

The Army Chief added that stability in Afghanistan is fundamental to our security, and we will continue to support our Kashmiri brothers politically, morally, and diplomatically.

He said that Pakistan will always stand by the people of Kashmir in their historical struggle for their fundamental human rights and right to self-determination.

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