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Mufti Aziz Molesting Video Case: New revelations in police Challan

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Lahore: New revelations in police challan open the new layers of Mufti Aziz molesting video case.

Police have submitted challan in Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman sexual assault case in the court.

The challan of the case of accused Aziz-ur-Rehman arrested on the charge of sexual assault has come to light.

Police Challan in Mufti Aziz Molesting Video Case:

The challan submitted to the court by the police has revealed shocking revelations.

  • The police challan said that the accused Mufti Aziz had sodomized his student over his influence in the federation of madrassas.
  • According to these revelations, accused Aziz-ur-Rehman continued to assault his student every week for three years.
  • In the police challan, three sons including Aziz-ur-Rehman have been named as accused.
  • Nine people will appear in court as witnesses in the misdemeanor trial.
  • Accused Aziz-ur-Rehman persuaded the affected student to do bad deeds due to his influence in the federation of madrassas.
  • The accused committed the crime with the affected student several times.
  • The victim student also recorded videos and several audios of the accused.
  • According to the police challan, the sofas and curtains in the accused’s room resembled the video.
  • The accused was discharged from Jamia Manzoor Islamia on the basis of audio and video.
  • Accused Aziz-ur-Rehman’s sons threatened the affected student with dire consequences.
  • The investigation has proved that the accused Aziz-ur-Rehman was guilty and committed the shameful crime.
  • The other accused in the case were found guilty of threatening to kill the plaintiff.
  • In the challan, the police requested the court to call witnesses against the accused and start the trial.

The accused initially denied the allegations after a case of shameful crime with a madrassa student came to light.

The accused said that he was given a drug and the video was made secretly.

According to the accused, the purpose of making the video was to blackmail him.

Later, accused Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman had said that he was ashamed of molesting the student.

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