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Message Rating Feature on WhatsApp business accounts

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SAN FRANCISCO: Message Rating Feature on WhatsApp business accounts: Introducing a new feature on WhatsApp in view of the growing business activity۔

WhatsApp always brings the best updates for the convenience of its users. It also introduces new features on a regular basis.

The good news for consumers promoting their business through the social networking application WhatsApp is that a new feature is being introduced.

According to a news agency, WhatsApp management is about to introduce a new feature for business accounts.

Message Rating Feature on WhatsApp:

The “Message Rating Feature” has been seen on the WhatsApp beta for Android

This new feature of WhatsApp will soon be available on iOS۔

This feature will allow WhatsApp business accounts to receive ratings from their users regarding the quality of their products and services.

Users will be able to rate business account products with one to five stars.

If users don’t like a business account’s product or service, they can dislike it by clicking on a star.

On the other hand, it can be given a five-star rating in case of preference.

This feature was previously available on social media accounts, including business websites.

But this feature was not available on your WhatsApp but now the ranking feature is being introduced on this app due to increasing business activities.

After this feature, it is expected that not only the business will improve but also consumers will be able to get better products.

It is possible that this new feature’s algorithm has characteristics that make high-rated products rank higher in search.

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