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Make Millions From Home, 6 Great Business Ideas For Women

By doing business from home, women can follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Khadija (R.A.)

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In Pakistani society, it is not considered good for a woman to work outside the home. Without arguing about whether a woman should work outside the home or not, it is very clear that Islam does not impose any restrictions on women doing business.

This is also proved by the trade of Hazrat Khadija (R.A.), wife of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Now the question arises as to how a woman today can do business and earn a lot of money by staying at home, following the principles of Sharia and protecting herself from the evil eyes of the world.

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In this article, I will tell you how women, with limited resources, can set up a business set up by staying indoors so that no one in the household has to go out and do any work, labor, or business. Here are the 6 Business Ideas for Women of Sub-Continent. Let’s Check the list of Business Ideas in Pakistan 2020-21

Best 6 Business Ideas For Women

1: Cloth Embellishments (Zari, Laces, Button etc)

The first business that women can do easily while living at home is the “Zari” business (Cloth Embellishments). If women want to build a “Zari House” at home, this work can be easily started with 15 to 20 thousand rupees. It would be better for you to set aside a room in your house or flat for this business. If a room cannot be reserved, a cupboard must be reserved for this purpose. So this room or closet will be your shop now.

We know that in every city there is usual Bano Bazaar, Mina Bazaar and Anarkali Bazaar, where all the basic Zari items such as buttons, stars, pearls, gota, Canari, tila, laces, and thread are available. You can buy these “Zari” items at wholesale rates. Tell the shopkeeper that if you buy the goods regularly, he will give you these goods at more discounted prices. You can buy all the items in small quantities and bring them home according to your funds. Now place these items neatly in the allotted room or closet.

How to Advertise Your Shop?

Make a two-by-four foot holding a banner (Panaflex) for business promotion, It may cost you mere 200 rupees. Write a few attractive sentences about selling your “Zari Wares” on this Penaflex and paste it on the wall outside the house or on the main gate, in the same way as the Penaflexs of tuition centers are usually hung on the houses. This will be your business signboard. You don’t even have to tell anyone. After seeing the panaflex, the women of the neighborhood will come home and buy goods.

Gradually your work will increase with the quality of things and your behavior. As the workload increases, so does your income. As your income grows, so will your business. In the coming days, you can start sewing clothes at this store and start selling general and specific items for women’s use.

Once the female customers start coming, they will tell you what they may need from you. Keep up the good products and keep up the good earning. Your earnings will start from day one. If you work continuously for three months, then the daily sales will easily start from two thousand rupees. That is, the daily savings will easily reach one thousand rupees minimum. Here you can imagine the margin of profit.

If you continue to work with the same spirit and order, then in a year your sales will start from 8 to 10 thousand rupees and the savings will reach 4 to five 5 rupees daily. That is, you will start earning from one to one and a half lac rupees a month.

2: Business of Boutique

Housewives can also open a boutique in their homes. It’s a very fast-growing and thriving business. This business can also be started at Rs. 15,000 to 25000. If you have a capital of up to one lac rupees, then it will be a great advantage.

But if you don’t have any capital at all, don’t worry. Just do it;

  • Start accumulating your small savings today.
  • Start managing your pocket money.
  • Minimize unnecessary expenses.
  • On Eid or wedding occasions, hold your hand instead of showing off and making up
  • And set an example for the home environment and society.

Just like many women before you have become an example to others through their hard work.

Once you have the savings, you can turn a room into a shop or outlet, just like a “Zari House” business idea and start a boutique. It would be much better if you could sew dresses yourself from women artisans instead of selling Pret. (sewn and stitched) suits. You may also find women artisans from your area who will come to your house for a monthly salary to sew and embroider.

In this way, along with the boutique, your sewing and embroidery center will also start working. The harder you work, the faster your name and brand will become. The profit and savings in this work is more than you think.

3: Beauty Salons

One thing to keep in mind is that any business in the world that is associated with hobbies or happiness has a lot of opportunities for growth. One such business is beauty salons and beauty parlors.

This business can be easily started in a room with 20 to 30 thousand rupees. If you know how to do women’s make-up and bridal makeup, then consider it a good idea to sleep, but even if you don’t know how to do it, you can learn it in a few months.

Otherwise, you can immediately hire expert women make up artists in this field in terms of salary or per client. You must first start your work according to your resources. When the business starts, then use the money earned to buy wall mirrors, make-up closets, chairs, comfortable sofas and various wallpapers.

And thus make a wonderful make-up room by decorating. Remember that most families prefer indoor veiled beauty parlors rather than traditional beauty parlors for weddings. Since people are happy to pay for bridal make-up, this business develops very quickly.

4: Candle Making

One of the things that women can do easily in their homes is to make stylish candles and scented candles. This task is not too difficult because raw materials are easily available in the market and molds are also easily available. You can start with a little practice.

Women can easily start this work for Rs. 15,000. These items can also be sold at home and supplied to stores with the help of men (father, brother or husband) at home.

5: Business of Baking

Now what kind of woman doesn’t know how to cook? In addition to the usual dishes, if you know how to make bakery items such as cakes, biscuits, pastries, rusks, , cut rusks, etc., then understand that you are about to turn prosperous.

You will need only 30 thousand rupees to start this business on a small scale. You will need gas stoves, tables, cracks, and utensils in the necessary equipment. You can buy flour, sugar, eggs, ghee, spices, and edible chemicals as well as custom items for the preparation of food items.

You can prepare bakery items in your own kitchen. Items can be sold at home as well as supplied to shops in the bazaar with the help of the men of the house. When you’re done, buy big ovens. Now start making other bakery items including bread, buns, papayas and other items.

But one thing to keep in mind is to pay close attention to cleanliness, quality, sophistication and taste. When the work is done, you will not have any problem in making your outlet by looking at a good point. In this job you can easily earn millions of rupees per month.

6: Business of Cooking

It is said that if a woman knows how to cook well and has a taste in her hands too, then a man becomes a slave to that woman. If this taste is transferred to the business level, it is not at all difficult for a woman to earn lacs of rupees from home.

Like bakery items, if women come to make sweets and pastries, they can earn millions of rupees a month from these ideas. You will prepare the food and supply the market in exactly the same way as you do in the other businesses above.

Before implementing any of these ideas, it is important that:

  • Do you know the minimum amount of capital required for this business?
  • Where can You get the cheapest raw material for manufacturing?
  • How to buy cheap and good goods from wholesale distributors?
  • How to sell finished goods to the customer at a reasonable profit?
  • How to create a business plan and move the business forward?

Important Note:

If you want to learn all this, you must watch the video given in this article, it will give you full details.

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