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Life-Changing Tips on Ethical Values: Javed Chaudhry latest column

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Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry latest column “Life-Changing Tips on Ethical Values” is having the best tips to grow as a person.

This column is translated by the TPG for “Right Pakistan” readers with thanks to Javed Chaudhry. Let’s read on!

I go to a semi-government institution every day to exercise. This is an upper-class institution.

Ninety percent of its visitors are educated and well-to-do people, but I see people coming and going from the stairs on both the right and left sides.

I watched this show all year long and ignored it but then I thought, maybe these people are not aware of this basic ethics so I should tell them how to go up and down the stairs.

I too was taught this ethic by the people and now it is my “responsibility” to spread this knowledge.

So now I stop people every day and humbly apologize to them three times and ask them to always stay on the left side while walking and going down the stairs because the right side is for the people who come.

I thought people would be angry at my intervention, but I was surprised to see that people not only thank me for it but immediately start walking on the left side.

I learned from this that we did not tell people about small ethics.

We didn’t teach them, so we miss the ethics in the whole society.

I want to give you some tips on normal life through this column, so these tips may make your life better, but I apologize to you before I move on.

By no means do I want to convey that I am proving you an ignorant person and myself as a civilized person.

You may not be familiar with these basic ethics and my little effort will make your life better.

I was the first trained waiter in my life, so I am a journalist as well as a professionally trained waiter.

I had taken this training from French Center Islamabad and then I had also given it to my children.

The French Center unfortunately closed, but five-star hotels in five of the country’s largest cities offer hospitality courses.

You and your children can take this course. You will be able to distinguish between eating and drinking and serving others.

1st Tip:

Every day I go through an interesting ordeal, whenever I offer tea or coffee to my guests, they refuse.

Most people say very rudely that I don’t take tea or that I have just had breakfast or lunch.

I laugh when I hear this, why? Because no one has ever told us that refusing to eat or drink is rude and disrespectful.

There are three stages of hospitality.

1: The host starts the service without asking the guest.

This is the highest level of adoption and civility and this level means that the host is giving great importance to the guest.

When we refuse at this level, it breaks the heart of the host.

Therefore, at this stage, the guest should always warmly thank the host, and not refuse.

2: On the second level, the host asks the guest, “Will you have tea, green tea, or coffee?”

There is no denying that even at this level, you must tell the host your preference because even at this stage your refusal would be considered rude.

3: In the third stage, the host does not ask the guest anything.

This means that the host may find the meeting unnecessary or too early for you.

Therefore, the guest should not prolong the meeting. He should come straight to the point and leave.

2nd Tip:

After the hospitality, it is also obligatory to appreciate the food of the host.

If you eat and drink and go out quietly, it is also considered rude and impolite.

We must remember that unless we make thanks and apologies an integral part of our conversations, we should not consider ourselves literate and polite.

Your life will become better if you make thanksgiving to God, thanksgiving to others, and forgiveness a part of your life.

3rd Tip:

Chaudhry latest column
Life-Changing Tips on Ethical Values: Javed Chaudhry best column

If you make an appointment with someone, be sure to tell him not only the time of arrival but also the time of return so that he can “redesign” his engagements.

Sitting in a person’s home or office too longer is abuse.

4th Tip:

Do not enter any room until you knock on the door, even if that room is yours.

Whenever you open a door from the inside, there should be a distance of one arm between the door and you. Why?

If someone pushes this door in from the outside at the same time, the door will hit your face, which will injure you.

Be sure to look back when you close the door.

We often leave the door unnoticed and the door slammed into the faces of the people behind us.

Or their finger and hand may be crippled in the door.

5th Tip:

You may have seen English actors in old movies walking and standing with their hands in their pockets.

Have you ever wondered why the British did that?

The polite Englishmen of old had fragrant handkerchiefs in their pockets.

They would put their hands in their pockets and dry their sweat before shaking hands with others.

On the other hand, we shake wet hands with other people, it is abuse.

I request you to keep tissue paper in your hand and dry your hands before shaking hands with others.

Second! Unless the other person extends a hand to you, do not extend your hand to him.

Greetings are always from the mouth and it is more than enough.

Even if you give up hugging people for no reason, it doesn’t make any difference.

6th Tip:

Javed Ch column
Life-Changing Tips on Ethical Values: Javed Chaudhry best column

Put your hand over your mouth before speaking in people’s ears so that others are not disturbed by your bad breath.

Remember that every person in the world smells and that “every person” is also you.

7th Tip:

Make sure you keep at least a hand’s distance from people. Encroaching others is extremely rude.

When people are talking to each other, don’t jump in the middle. Stand on the side and wait for them to finish.

Jumping into other people’s conversations is beyond the scope of civilization.

8th Tip:

Most people in our country start clearing their noses and throats at parties.

We also consider it our duty to sneeze in vain. We consider it our right to spit and scratch in public.

I often tell my friends that we Punjabis itch for an average of two hours a day and we also say itching where the itching is embarrassing.

We don’t look left or right, even when we’re stretching or belching.

All of these actions are considered extremely absurd in civilized societies.

9th Tip

If you inspect any street or sidewalk in the country, you will definitely find mucus and saliva there and it is a sign of our collective emptiness. For God’s sake, please avoid it.

10th Tip:

We all apply perfume on clothes while there are two places for perfume: Neck and wrists!
Please do not wet your clothes with perfume.

Spray on your neck and wrists, that’s enough. Too much perfume hurts others.

11th Tip:

 Javed Chaudhry Urdu best column
Life-Changing Tips on Ethical Values: Javed Chaudhry best column

We as a nation are also addicted to listening to mobile phones in public.

The phone is a “secret” job. Please stand on the side and talk on the phone.

People have no interest in how important and rich you are?

Also, keep your phone in your pocket. It doesn’t have to be like a trophy.

12th Tip:

We also consider it an insult to stand in line. However, drawing the line and waiting for one’s turn is the worship of the civilized world.

Please get in the habit, people will respect you.

13th Tip:

Speaking softly is a sign of politeness and civility, please speak softly.

God has given ear to all human beings in the world. They can hear you and understand you.

Once you look at their hearing, you will be amazed at the results.

14th Tip:

Calling other people “Sir or madam” doesn’t make people big, but it does make you big.

Always remember that honor always comes from giving. Respect others, especially those who work. God will honor you too.

15th Tip:

And last but not least we are not chosen people but we are all helpless human beings.

So don’t take your words and opinions as the final verdict.

Talk about it, but don’t try to persuade it, or you’ll be left alone in this world and the next.

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