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Imran Khan’s Big U-turn: Ready to Back in National Assembly

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ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan’s Big U-turn: Ready to Back to National Assembly Again.

Imran Khan is ready to take another big U-turn. The captain gave an indication of going back to the National Assembly.

Why is Imran Khan going to take this U-turn? Will it benefit or harm Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf? Know in this report.

The biggest taunt that has been given to Imran Khan by political opponents is the taunt of taking a U-turn.

Imran Khan has certainly been making big decisions. He also adopts a strict stance on these decisions. Then he himself sticks to these decisions and does not allow his party to deviate from these decisions.

But then one day it happens that Imran Khan suddenly takes a U-turn on his decision.

Imran Khan’s Big U-turn:

First, Imran Khan tells the benefits of his decision. So after the U-turn, he starts to explain the benefits of going back on that decision.

It’s not like the captain has done this once or twice. Instead, Imran Khan’s political history is full of his U-turns.

This is the reason why opponents of Imran Khan started calling him U-turn Khan.

It seems that this is going to happen once again.

Last year, when Imran Khan’s government ended due to no-confidence, he resigned from the assembly along with his entire party.

Although his own Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri accepted the resignations of his party, the new Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf announced to confirm the resignations of the resigned members individually as soon as he assumed the Speaker’s chair.

This is the reason why even after ten months the seats of all the resigned members were not declared vacant.

Meanwhile, PTI was repeatedly asked by political parties to return to Parliament and play its role.

During the hearing of various petitions, the epic court also advised the political issues to be resolved in the Parliament and PTI to go back to the Assembly.

But PTI did not listen to him and declared his return to the assembly impossible.

Now, when all the hopes of early general elections have died, Imran Khan has given an indication to return to the National Assembly.

Speaking to senior journalists at Zaman Park Lahore, Imran Khan said he may return to the National Assembly for caretaker setup.

PTI’s former information minister Farrukh Habib has also confirmed this news. He said that the final decision regarding the return to the National Assembly will be taken in the high-level meeting of the party.

According to political analysts, Imran Khan and PTI will face severe criticism on their return to the National Assembly.

According to observers, despite this criticism, Imran Khan’s return to the National Assembly will be the right decision.

The reason is that if Imran Khan does not return to the National Assembly, then Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the current opposition leader Raja Riaz will jointly decide on the caretaker setup for the general elections.

Of course, the watchdog set up by Shahbaz Sharif and Raja Riaz will not prove useful for Imran Khan or his party.

Therefore, it can be said that Imran Khan can avoid political loss and benefit from this U-turn.

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