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Regime Change: Imran Khan sought clarification from the Biden administration

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ISLAMABAD:  Regime Change in Pakistan – Imran Khan sought clarification from the Biden administration on the change of government in Pakistan.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has sought an explanation from the Biden administration on the change of government in Pakistan and said that the US move strengthened anti-US sentiment in Pakistan.

In his tweet on the social networking site Twitter, PTI Chairman Imran Khan, while addressing the Biden administration, questioned whether the elected Prime Minister of the country with a population of 220 million had been removed and the puppet Prime Minister brought in. Had anti-American sentiment not been strengthened in Pakistan?

Imran Khan said that the United States wanted an obedient and puppet Prime Minister in Pakistan and was afraid of Pakistan’s neutral role in the war.

Imran Khan sought clarification:

He said that under the conspiracy, the most corrupt man has been made the Prime Minister.

Imran Khan said that by participating in the American war we martyred our people, what was the benefit to Pakistan by fighting the American war?

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we informed everyone that our government in Pakistan was removed under external conspiracy, the message was placed before the nation, we sent the letter to Chief Justice and said that a conspiracy was hatched against the government of Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that the present Prime Minister said that the letter is false, today everyone is believing, that after the message of the Pakistani ambassador to the United States, it is the duty of the Chief Justice to form a commission.

Chairman PTI said that we want a commission to be formed on the letter and its open hearing, if there is an investigation then it will be known who betrayed the country.

Imran Khan said that they have made cases against us. In fact, they should be charged with treason. This nation is not ready to be enslaved by anyone except Allah.

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