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Imran Khan hinted School holidays are likely to increase

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan hinted School holidays are likely to increase as he is of the view not to open schools until teachers and students are vaccinated.

Directly answering the questions of the people, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we should not destroy our economy by locking it down. The Indian type of coronavirus is the most dangerous. It spreads very fast,

The Prime Minister about Covid-19:

Prime Minister Imran Khan said:

  • The use of masks reduces the spread of coronavirus.
  • The lockdown decision by the Sindh government is right as it reduces the spread of the virus.
  • If we want to lock down, we have to look the other way.
  • If there is a lockdown, where will the wage earners and the working class go?
  • Thank God our economy is going up.
  • We have saved our economy and our people by making the right decisions.
  • Schools should not be reopened until children and teachers have been vaccinated.

Now 2 years for sports:

Referring to the state of affairs in sports, the Prime Minister said, “I have a Ph.D. in sports. I could not give the time I should have given to sports.”

  • When we came to power, there were other challenges, including the economy.
  • In a country where institutions are better, there is also progress in the field of sports.
  • It doesn’t take long to destroy the system but it does take time to fix it.
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan hinted, in the next 2 years, he will focus on sports.

Freedom of speech is a blessing:

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that leaders who break the law and fear the rule of law are afraid of free media.

  • If I built a flat in London, I would be afraid of free media all the time.
  • Freedom of speech is a great blessing for this country.
  • Disagreements with the media occur when false news is spread.

Imran Khan about Disability Quota:

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that persons with disabilities should get a quota in all departments.

After the 18th amendment, most of the departments are with the provinces.

I will instruct the provinces to allocate quotas for the disabled in each department.

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