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Imran Khan blamed Zardari has hired a terrorist organization to kill him

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Lahore: Imran Khan blamed Zardari has hired a terrorist organization to kill him. 

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has claimed that Plan C has been made to kill him for which Zardari has given money to terrorist organizations.

While holding a press conference from Zaman Park Lahore through a video link, Imran Khan said that now Plan C has been made, which is behind Asif Zardari. Facilitators include people from powerful agencies.

He said that now they are going to do the next incident against me, which I am informing the nation today, life and death are in the hands of Allah and I am not afraid of anyone, I will go on the election campaign anyway.

Imran Khan Blamed Zardari:

Imran Khan said that if something happened to me, the nation should know who did all this. I have written their names so that the nation will never forgive them.

He said that earlier there were four people who decided to kill me in a closed room who conspired to divert me from the path, when I came to know about the murder plot, I made a video and sent it abroad and announced it in a public meeting. It was said that if anything happens, the video will be released. In this video, there are names of four conspirators, including Zardari.

Imran Khan claimed that he planned to kill me under Plan B in the name of religious extremism, when he came to know about this plan, he exposed the whole conspiracy in the meetings, and he almost succeeded in the plan to kill me. But now they are moving towards Plan C for which Zardari has given the task to the terrorist organizations and has invested money to facilitate it.

He said that “Zardari got this money by looting from Sindh, which he spends on the election and buys the members of the assembly”.

Chairman PTI said that the purpose of destroying parliament, democracy, and institutions is to hide their theft, all this is being done to remove me from the path, this will not lead the country to progress but to further destruction, they are afraid If the conspirators are not detected, they are making more mistakes.

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