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I will show my cards a day before no confidence vote: Prime Minister

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he would reveal all his cards one day before the vote of the no-confidence motion.

Reporters of the Supreme Court beat called on Prime Minister Imran Khn in Islamabad.

Imran Khan while talking said that his statement about “neutral” was misunderstood, neutral was actually said in the context of ordering good and preventing evil.

The Prime Minister said that Fazlur Rehman is the twelfth player in politics and now it is time for him to be out of the team.

Imran Khan stressed that the army is being wrongly criticized, the country needs a strong army, if there was no army the country would be divided into three parts, the army should not be discredited for politics.

He said that during his tenure Nawaz Sharif made 24 private visits and Zardari made 40 private visits.

“My children are also in London but I did not make a single private visit”, he added.

The Prime Minister said that the politics of PML-N and PPP is to hide theft and theft, what ideology does Zardari have besides money, why should I sit with a big criminal like Shahbaz Sharif, he thinks that I should sit comfortably at home.

“They don’t know how big a storm will come if the government gives a damn”, Imran Khan added.

“Someone may have misunderstood that I will sit at home, should I resign under the pressure of thieves, I will not resign under any circumstances, should I raise my hand before the fight, I am predicting we will win a no-confidence match,”.

He said that people are angry with every ruling party, offers of Rs. 15-20 crore are being made to buy members of the Assembly.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the opposition came under pressure and revealed all their cards. I will reveal all my cards one day before the vote of the no-confidence motion.

Imran Khan said that the opposition did not know how many people would be left on the day of no-confidence. He further said that he has a 50-year friendship with Chaudhry Nisar and had met him some time ago.

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