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How to turn a fan into an air conditioner at home?

No matter how hot it is around, only cool air will come from this fan.

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Islamabad: If you are searching the methods how to turn a fan into an air conditioner at home then you have landed on the right page.

In this piece of article, we will tell you a method in detail to turn a fan into an air conditioner at home!

Cool air can be enjoyed by converting an ordinary fan (pedestal fan) into an air conditioner with little effort.

How can it be done?

How can it be done? Take a look.

turn a fan into an air conditioner

One way to treat hot air from a fan in extreme heat is to install an air conditioner at home.

But firstly air conditioners are very expensive and secondly running an air conditioner can also increase your electricity bill.

A simple and common solution to this problem is to turn the fan into an air conditioner without spending much money.

Method to turn a fan into an air conditioner:

It looks very strange but it is easy, cheaper and interesting.

  • First, take two bottles of cold drink (each bottle having a capacity of 500 ml)
  • Cut the bottoms of the two bottles in such a way that the bottom is not completely separated but is attached to one side so that it can be opened like a lid.
  • Make round holes with a hot rod (soldering iron) in the rest of the bottom half of the bottles.
  • Turn the bottle caps tightly upside down and tie them to the mesh behind the pedestal fan with a thin wire.
  • Now take small pieces of ice (ice cubes) frozen in the freezer and fill the bottles with them halfway.
  • After completing this operation, turn on the pedestal fan and sit in front of it and enjoy the cool air like an air conditioner.

If you do not understand this in writing, see the full details in this video.

No matter how hot it is around, you will feel that the air coming from the fan has become very cold.

If you have a large pedestal fan, it would be more appropriate to use a one-liter cold drink bottle instead of 500 ml.

After a while, when the ice melts and the fan air starts to warm up, open the lids of the inverted bottles and take out all the water and refill them with new ice.

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