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How to Transfer Money to Other Countries from Pakistan

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Are you searching the methods how to transfer money to other countries from Pakistan to help out your child studying abroad or your relatives living overseas?

If your answer is “Yes” then you are on the right page. On this page, you will learn the ways to send money abroad from Pakistan.

We will tell you how to find the right transferring service in Pakistan.

Let’s assume that you send money abroad from Pakistan on an ordinary basis.

And every time you send the money, you wish it to be done speedily and accurately.

You want it to have a thoughtful transferring fee and a fair exchange rate.

There is a chance that one of these objectives won’t be met.

Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally

Transfer Money

There are many ways to send money internationally, but you require choosing the best-suited choice to send money abroad from Pakistan.

To help you, we’ve chosen to disclose to you complete details on how to send cash to outside nations from Pakistan.

So, make certain you read the complete article and check the answers you are searching for.
The best method to send money is via banks.

Regardless, tragically in Pakistan, not many banks license foreign transfer services due to worries, for instance, tax avoidance.

To send money to outside countries through banks, you required to open a dollar account in banks, for instance, Standard Chartered, HBL, and MCB, etc

The approach isn’t simple and fundamental for opening a dollar account which is the explanation we urge you to contact your intermediary to warrant master counsel.

As of now immediately we should go to the core of the matter which is the best approach to send money to outside countries from Pakistan. So, Read on!

Transfer Money through Western Union

Western Union is the most trustworthy means for transferring money to another country from Pakistan.

Western Union parades presence more than 200 countries all through the planet.

With in excess of 500,000 expert regions all throughout the planet, it is the least complex and most secure way to deal with sending cash wherever in the world from Pakistan.

Note: You can send $3,000 US dollars or close by equivalent per individual, every day through western affiliation.

Taking everything into account, how to do it? Examine the going with the following headings carefully.

Procedure on Your End

To send money through western union, you need to visit the western union agent near to you.

  • Prompt the WU agent that you need to send money abroad.
  • The agent will request a couple of the following details from you.
  • Your full name as it is written on your CNIC
  • Valid and original Govt. issued photocopy of your Passport, CNIC, or NICOP
  • Your occupation
  • Recipient’s complete name
  • Recipient’s Address (Where relevant)
  • Relationship with the recipient
  • The purpose for the transferring money
  • Recipient’s bank account details (if sending cash to a ledger)
  • Extra information whenever needed by the agent
  • Hand the sum proposed for the transaction, over to the WU agent.
  • From that point forward, the agent will give you a disclaimer and the terms and conditions for your review.
  • At the point when you are finished with reviewing the disclaimer and signing, a receipt will be handed over to you by the agent with the agent’s signature and stamp for your record.
  • The agent will keep the other receipt that has your signature and copy of the Passport, CNIC, or NICOP appended during the money transfer.

From that point onward, you can tell the recipient that you have moved the money.

You must check western union rates before any transaction because these digital services charge some fee.

Procedure on Reciever’s End

Give the recipient a tracking number of the transaction (MTCN number), given by the agent, which will permit the recipient to know about the whereabouts of the moved cash.

At the point when the money is free for receiving, the beneficiary can visit its closest western union agent to collect the transferred money.

Note: Only personal money transactions are permitted through western union. You can’t make reserve moves for business purposes or trade.

Transfer Money through Money Gram

Transfer Money

There are many money transfer organizations, but Money Gram is another best way to send money internationally.

It is a global money transaction service. It is trustworthy and quick and you can transfer money anyplace on the planet with Money Gram.

You can easily search this service by typing Moneygram near me in any search engine.

The procedure of Transaction

  1. Discover the Money Gram agent close to your area.
  2. You should convey the accompanying information with you when going to the Money Gram agent.
  3. A photocopy of Govt-issued Passport, CNIC, or NICOP
  4. The receiver’s full name and address
  5. The amount you want to transfer
  6. On the off chance that you are moving money to the recipient’s bank account, you require to give the recipient’s bank details too.
  7. To send money to a mobile wallet, you need to furnish the recipient’s mobile (Cell) number with the local code.
  8. Subsequent to giving all the details required and finishing the send form, hand the sum over to the MG agent including the transaction charges (Fee).
  9. Collect the receipt from the agent and provide the 8 digit reference number to the receiver.

The recipient can collect money from the closest Money Gram agent by giving the reference number and official picture ID.

Transfer Money through PayPal:

PayPal is another extraordinary choice to send money abroad. Be again, sadly, PayPal doesn’t operate in Pakistan.

Thus, transferring money through this digital service is impossible.

There are also different methods called a wire transfer, e transfer, and bank transfer to send money online.

Consequently, the previously mentioned ways and methods are dependable and the most straightforward approach to transfer funds from Pakistan.

This is about how to send money to far-off nations from Pakistan. If you have any inquiries, let us known in the remarks beneath.

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