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How to read WhatsApp audio messages instead of listening

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Silicon Valley: How to read instead of listening to WhatsApp audio messages

Thanks to this untouched feature of WhatsApp, you will be able to listen as well as read your voice messages.

If there is talk of an application on social media platforms that introduces one or another update or feature to its users in a few days instead of months, weeks, then WhatsApp will probably be at the top of the list.

As always, WhatsApp is going to introduce a very useful and untouched feature for its users.

The highlight of this feature is that even deaf people will now be able to read WhatsApp’s ‘voice messages’.

Yes! Now with this unique feature, you will be able to listen as well as read your voice messages.

This is because the feature that WhatsApp is working on will enable you to transcribe your audio messages (written record of a speech or broadcast).

According to reports, this feature is still in the development stages.

It is not clear when this feature will be introduced to users.

However, this feature will be available for both Android and iOS.

How to Read WhatsApp Audio Messages?

Under this service, your voice messages will not be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook servers for transcription, nor will they reveal your identity directly.

  • This will be an optional feature and you will need special permission to transcribe it.
  • Once authorized, your voicemail will be available for the transcription service.
  • When you open your voice message, a popup will appear saying ‘WhatsApp Would Like To Access Speech Recognition’.
  • Allowing your voice message will be available for the transcription service.
  • A new ‘Transcript’ section will open here.
  • Where you can also format an audio message in writing from a certain distance.
  • The message will be stored in your device’s WhatsApp database after the first transcription.

It won’t need to be transcribed again and again, and you can watch it whenever you want.

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