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How to improve smartphone performance?

Best tips to boost up slow mobile phones

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The slow speed of mobile phones makes many people upset. If you are one of them, then this article will tell you how to improve smartphone performance.

At present, cell phones have become an imperative need of each individual, yet their lethargic speed makes numerous individuals look resentful.

It is normal to hear that it’s anything but some time since I purchased a cell phone and it has begun to trouble me.

Mobile phones are hanging, apps take too long to load, or don’t load by any means.

Surprisingly, the people who have purchased expensive cell phones also appear to experience the ill effects of this issue.

Reasons for Slow Mobile Phone Speed:

There are various reasons why cell phones might be moderate or need execution.

Having an excessive number of applications in the versatile or absence of memory can influence its presentation.

Live backdrops, Android Task Color, and foundation applications can likewise make it slower.

At the point when we purchase a telephone, it performs better in light of the fact that the memory is vacant right now.

In high-memory cell phones, if the divided areas are huge, their presentation likewise starts to be affected.

Regardless of whether the foundation applications are continually utilizing cell phone assets, the functioning velocity diminishes.

Operating System:

Now and again, in any event, updating the operating system hinders the versatility.

As per experts, new operating systems and new applications are made in view of current cell phones.

So when cell phones are updated, the performance begins to be affected because of the age of the model.

Batteries to Improve Smartphone Performance:

As per experts, the old battery of cell phones can likewise affect its performance.

Expanding the interior obstruction when the battery is old diminishes the yield voltage drop.

The energy contrast expands the temperature, which warms up the battery and the inside of the telephone, hindering the processor.

In the event that the battery turns sour, the lone arrangement is to supplant the battery.

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8 Tips to Improve Smartphone Performance:

Here are some best mobile phone performance tips. These tips will surely help you to boost up the speed of your slow mobile phone.

  1. Keep just the applications you use in your portable, erase extra applications.
  2. Inherent applications are applications that accompany the telephone, in the event that you are not utilizing them, cripple them.
  3. Additional data must be stored on an SD card or a secondary location instead of being stored on the same mobile phone.
  4. Erase photographs and recordings from cell phones by saving them to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or PC.
  5. The more you try not to utilize live backdrops, the more helpful it will be for your portable.
  6. On the off chance that you are not utilizing Bluetooth or other applications, turn them off.
  7. Make every effort to keep as many icons as possible on the home screen of your smartphone.
  8. Rather than Task Color, introduce applications that can inform you concerning applications that run in the background and use more resources.


If your phone is running slow, these are few tips to speed up android phone performance.

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