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How to Earn from Twitter by Ticketed Spaces

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Silicon Valley: If you want to earn money from Twitter by Ticketed Spaces, this article will tell you how to put tickets on Twitter spaces and earn millions of rupees.

According to the Twitter blog, a ticket to ‘Spaces’ can be priced from $ 1 to $ 999.

Twitter has recently introduced a new option under its monetization program through which you can earn money by placing tickets on “Twitter spaces”.

Earn from Twitter by Ticketed Spaces:

The facility has been available for years on various social media platforms and streaming sites to host an online program and also charge subscribers to listen or watch it.

In the same vein, Twitter has now taken a step forward by using its own feature “Spaces”.

Simply put, under the “Spaces” feature, a live audio program on Twitter can be hosted in such a way that only a select few can hear it.

If you are a social media influencer, you can also make money by booking tickets on these “spaces”.

In this regard, according to the Twitter blog, “Spaces” tickets can be priced from one dollar to 999 dollars.

Terms and Procedures:

All other terms and procedures are the same as the one described a few days ago in the “Super Followers” Feature of Twitter.

For example, if a Twitter user is over 18 years old, has a Twitter account three months or older, has at least 10,000 followers, and tweets 25 or more throughout the month, then he can earn money from “Ticketed Spaces”.

Although the Twitter blog does not explicitly state in which countries social media influencers can use “ticketed spaces”, the style of writing suggests that the program may have been launched simultaneously around the world.

The program is for Twitter apps on both Android phones and iPhones, under which US social media influencers will be paid after tax deductions in accordance with US law.

If you are earning less than $ 50,000 per month through this program, Twitter will account for only 3% of it.

But with a monthly income of $ 50,000 or more, Twitter’s share will also increase to 20%.

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