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How to deal with 10 traits of a highly sensitive child

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10 traits of a highly sensitive child: Children are the greatest gift of nature for parents, but more than that they are a test for parents many parents fail.

A common and simple reason for this is that parents do not prepare their children for the training exams in a timely and proper manner.

Most people want to change their situation but are not ready to change their minds. Of course, change is what is outward, but it starts with inward change.

In today’s fast-paced world, educating and training children is no less of a challenge but unfortunately, parents do not pay attention to it at all.

Parents want to train their children to the same level as their parents did.

Today times, times, and times have changed. There are new requirements of the new age and he who understands these requirements can handle this challenge better.

All children are sensitive and curious, but some of them are very sensitive and need special attention.

Extremely sensitive children experience their feelings and experiences very deeply. They deliberately do not react much.

Such children can be very flexible. Such children are also wonderful and tiring. Understanding parents and managing them properly can be a daunting task.

Almost every family that seeks help from a specialist has a very sensitive child. These children are motivated to process and react to their experiences more deeply than other children in the world.

These are wonderful kids who are tough and passionate, persistent and enthusiastic. They are incredibly far-sighted and compassionate.

10 Traits of a highly sensitive child:

Due to their sensitive severity, such children also face more challenges than normal children in adapting to life’s expectations and boundaries.

Claire Lerner, a social worker, and psychologist have published special research on child development and parental training in a global journal.

“Through my work with hundreds of families over the past 30 years, I have gained considerable experience in how to handle these children,” he says. Why do such children react?

Let’s get to know the 10 sensitive habits of these very sensitive children.

1. Sensitive children experience emotional extremes: Such children feel their feelings and experiences more deeply in the world than other children.

Parents often describe their sensitive children as either “excited” or “irritated” children.

2. Sensitive children’s reactions are very sensitive: Children who are highly sensitive are also more sensitive to their emotional responses.

They experience sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures more intensely. A common example of such children is that they may be scared of public baths because the flusher is too serious and inappropriate.

3. Sensitive children are more prone to emotional attitudes: Because of their sensitivity, sensitive children are more prone to stress.

They are overwhelmed by the intense reactions to their deepest emotions and sensitivities, which naturally result in more and more frequent and intense stress.

4. Sensitive children have a keen eye for everything: Sensitive children are like a computer. Their minds never stop. They pay close attention to everything and analyze it.

5. Sensitive children need more control: Sensitive children try to gain control of a world that can be very flexible.

Sensitive children come up with definite ideas and expectations about how things should turn out to make everyday life more manageable.

Explain where people will sit, how they will wear their hair, and what color bowl their food should come in.

6. Sensitive children are more frightened and cautious in new situations: When sensitive children enter a new situation, whether it is a classroom, a birthday party, or a music class, their behavior changes. They are surprised.

what is this place? What will happen here Who are these people? What can I expect from them? Will they like me, Will, I am safe? Will I be good at whatever is expected of me here?

7. Sensitive children get frustrated very quickly: Sensitive children face more pain when they face a difficult task.

They often give up easily. We all feel natural discomfort when we are working in this place but it is unbearable for these children not to be able to master any new skill so quickly.

8. Sensitive children suffer from perfection: Extremely sensitive children have a tendency to be perfectionists.

When they fail to do what their brain tells them to do, they lose their natural control over a situation that is difficult for them to bear.

9. Sensitive children find it difficult to tolerate self-correction: Sensitive children, even seemingly numerous outsiders, are treated as personal accusations.
They refuse to accept them for their own sake. They choose to laugh, roll their eyes, get angry, or run away to avoid such situations and embarrassment.

10. Sensitive children tend to be more cautious: Sensitive children tend to be more concerned with how others view them.

When they are given some attention, they become very anxious. Even when their parents or other people are talking about their appreciation, they become sensitive to examine or guess why they are being praised.

Remember! Sensitive children take things too personally. They also tend to misinterpret the actions of others. They filter their experiences through their mindset.

Of course, not all sensitive children will have these qualities, and many children who are not very sensitive will struggle with these challenges to some extent.

Because of their sensitivity, these children are more prone to anxiety and other mental health challenges.

If your child’s behavior is interfering with his ability to engage in healthy relationships with others, and to work effectively at home and at school, you need to seek professional help for this training.

It is important to know how such children need help to thrive.

Timely, appropriate, and quality care and attention from parents can save the lives of such children from great difficulties. How to deal with 10 traits of a highly sensitive child

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