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How to Check Jazz Balance in Your Mobile Phone

By: Maira Mustafa

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Are you trying to search for a different method to check the Jazz balance on your cell phone? I hope your answer is positive, it means you are in the right place. In this piece, you will learn about how to check Jazz balance in detail. Therefore read this article till the end.

No doubt Jazz is Pakistan’s dominant digital communications company which rightly comes up with security and the best cellular services for its users.

Jazz as a Dominating Brand

how to check jazz balance

Jazz is trying hard to digitize different aspects of its customer’s life so that maximum convenience must be ensured.

The company knows that if the services of Jazz, like balance inquiry and financial solutions, etc., are backed by customers’ mobile wallets, it will make Jazz the most preferred digital services provider network for millions of Pakistanis.

Therefore, if you are a new Jazz customer and looking to know about your remaining balance ibn mobile phone but you don’t know how to check it, then here are different methods how you can easily check your Jazz balance.

How to Check Jazz Balance

There are three different methods to check Jazz Balance which are given in below.

  1. USSD String
  2. Calling Customer Care
  3. Jazz App

Check Codes and Charges

Following are the unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) codes for Jazz customers using prepaid services to check their remaining balance.

  • Jazz Balance Inquiry Code is *111# and you are charged Rs. 0.24/inquiry.
  • Call 111 from your mobile device to hear balance details at a rate of Rs. 0.72/call.
  • You can also check your Jazz balance using code *444*6*2# and will be charged Rs. 0.24/inquiry.

Now we will discuss all three methods in detail. So, be patient and just read this piece till the end.

Method 1 to check Jazz Balance

Act upon the following instructions, if you want to check your Jazz balance.

  • Dial *111# at your mobile phone dialer pad.
  • USSD code will run and you will see the remaining balance on your mobile screen.
  • If you need more detailed information on usage, dial USSD code *444*6*2# on your mobile phone dialing pad.
  • Dial 111 on your mobile device to check the remaining balance.

This will lead you to the customer care auto response directory. Just Follow the instruction to check the balance.

Method No 2

This is Jazz WhatsApp’s unique method of self-service. Through this service, prepaid account users can check their remaining balance.

In This service, you can also check other package details. Act upon the following instructions for using this method.

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Add this contact number (03003008000) to your contacts directory.
  • Send a text message “Hi” to this number.
  • Now type “4” in the message and press the send button.

All details of your balance will be shown on your device screen.

Method No. 3

This method is only for users having smartphones only like the above-named method No. 2 because it needs installing Jazz World app on your smartphone.

Here is the detailed process of how you can check your balance through the Jazz World app.

  • Download the Jazz World app from the app store (Android or iOS) and install it on your smartphone.
  • Run or open the app on your smart device.
  • Enter your Jazz phone number in the specified field to log in.
  • When logged in to this app, you will see the remaining balance on the home screen of the Jazz World app.

It is all about how to check Jazz’s balance.

The last but not least, if you think this piece of information helped you, then let us know in the comments. You may also share this article in your social groups for guiding your caring and loving ones.

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