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Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed: Phone call goes Viral

"Stop talking nonsense". Sheikh Rashid slams Hareem Shah, video goes viral

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KARACHI: Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed: Phone call goes Viral.

Tik​​Tok star Hareem Shah had called Sheikh Rashid at the request of host Tabish Hashmi.

A video of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid giving a “shut-up” call to Hareem Shah is going viral on social media.

Yesterday, the teaser of the upcoming episode of the famous host Tabish Hashmi’s online show “To Be Honest” was released on the video-sharing platform.

In the next episode of the show, Tik​​Tok star Hareem Shah is the guest of Tabish Hashmi.

A brief excerpt from an interesting conversation with Hareem Shah is shown in the teaser where Hareem Shah calls Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid during the show.

Tabish Hashmi is seen in the video saying to Hareem Shah that do you think that if you call Sheikh Rashid now, he will pick your call up?

On this statement of Tabish Hashmi, Hareem Shah said, “Let’s try and see.”

Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rasheed:

After that, Hareem Shah calls Sheikh Rashid from her mobile and shows her phone to Tabish Hashmi.

On which Tabish says that you have saved Sheikh Rashid’s number in the name of “Sheikhoo” and Hareem Shah laughs at this statement of the host.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid picks up Hareem Shah’s phone and says why did you call, to which Hareem Shah says please talk now.

Sheikh Rashid replies that I can’t talk right now.

But Hareem Shah insists, “Why can’t you do it?”

Sheikh Rashid slams Hareem Shah by saying “Stop talking nonsense” and dropped the call.

Hareem Shah, Tabish Hashmi, and the audience in the show all laugh at Sheikh Rashid’s sweeping reply.

Hareem Shah adds in the show that I know a lot of things that you may not know.

Hareem Shah had also made a big claim regarding not marrying Sheikh Rashid and had said that Sheikh Rashid is her brother-in-law.

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