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Habs Episode 15 with English Subtitles – 23rd August 2022

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Drama Habs Episode 15 with English Subtitles – 23rd August 2022.

Drama Habs was initially released on May 10, 2022, on ARY Digital. It is a production of  “Six Sigma Plus Productions”

Musaddiq Malek has beautifully directed this show. Famous Writer Aliya Makhdoom has written this drama.

Humayun Saeed produced this drama with his co-producer Shahzad Nasib. Zeb Rao is DOP.

Habs – Cast & Characters

Ushna Shah appears as Ayesha, Dania Enwer as Bano (Ayesha’s sister), Saba Faisal as Qudsia (Ayesha and Bano’s mother), Hina Rizvi as Bobby (Ayesha’s aunt), and Imran Aslam as Talal (Ayesha’s cousin).

Shazia Qaiser is appearing as Shamsa (Talal’s mother), Feroze Khan as Basit, Javed Sheikh as Basit’s father, Irsa Ghazal as Sadia (Basit’s mother), Ayesha Omar as Soha, and Musaddiq Malik as Fahad.

Ayaz Khan, Janice Tessa, Syeda Iman Zaidi, Hina Sheikh, Fareeda Shabbir, and Zahir Lehri perform their roles in this drama.

Recap of Habs Previous Episode:

Basit smolder at Ayesha just subsequent to figuring out that she gave the gift envelopes to her mom. He impacts into Qudsia’s home around 12 PM to get Fahad’s envelope which contained a basic letter.

He leaves various envelopes with Qudsia, proposing to her family that it isn’t the place where he at first is giving them cash. Bano chooses to return the envelopes to Basit. Before she goes out, Zoya stealthily takes the cash from the envelopes.

Bano returns the envelopes to Basit, guaranteeing that she would rather not injure Ayesha’s honorability. In any case, she feels examined when Basit sees the vacant envelopes and belittles her.

Ayesha feels embarrassed and uncovers the explanation for her relationship with Sadia. Sadia demands her not to leave Basit and proposes she advance toward Basit’s heart to have a significant presence. Ayesha is shocked to find Zoya getting out of hand with cash on her sweetheart in a shopping center.

Links to Watch Urdu Drama Habs Episode 15

The drama Habs is telecasted at 8:00 PM on Ary Digital every Tuesday at 8 PM (PKT), and its link is posted here at about 9:00 PM

Habs Episode 16 Promo

Here is a link to enjoy the trailer (Teaser) for the 16th episode of this beautiful drama

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