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Google Classroom a new tool for difficult homework

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California: Google Classroom a new tool for difficult homework – Google has introduced a helpful tool for the most difficult homework called ‘Google Classroom’.

More than one student can work together in it, teachers can also guide in it and also powerful artificial intelligence tool helps in this.

Although this tool is already available in a simple way, it has been further improved. Kids can post their work on it now.

Homework can be submitted to the school and the teachers can see it and send it again. On the other hand, teachers and students can learn in an interactive way.

IT and Deep Learning also provide guidance to students who are stuck somewhere.

For example, if one child writes “.5” in a math answer and the other writes “1/2” instead, he will declare both correct answers.

In addition, Google AI looks at math questions to indicate whether it is related to algebra, math, or a geometric problem. Teachers can also turn off this option if they wish.

Similarly, students can check an answer there. Pressing the check button hand in hand reveals the result.

The software also prompts for help in the event of an error in the first step. If you have lost, you will find helpful courses, videos, and other features in one corner of the screen.

Google believes that children are more likely to do their homework if given help or advice. If the software doesn’t help, students may soon give up. That is why software algorithms help the student in different ways.

It should be noted that such tools and programs became very popular in the lockdown of the Corona epidemic and now Google has made further improvements in it.

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